Loco Motors – Our review of this racing adventure game

  • 4+
  • Released on March 20, 2014
  • Version / Size 1.0.1 | 164.46 MB
  • $0.99
  • Genres Puzzle, Racing
  • User Rating 3 stars (32 ratings)

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There’s a bit of engineer in all of us.  It starts early, with the childhood instinct to stack and build, create and test.  The only thing better than inventing something totally awesome is finding out that the totally awesome invention actually works.  There’s no denying the appeal of game apps that allow players to DIY and customize in-game objects.

Loco Moters is a recent release from Canadian developers Minority Media and it’s heavy on the DIY,  It’s a quick-playing platformer that is easy to learn and highly replayable.  There are some striking similarities to Rovio’s Bad Piggies but the two games are vastly different in objective and execution.

In Loco Motors players are presented with an objective and have to build a vehicle that will meet the goal at bronze, silver, or gold metals in 50 different levels.  Tips are provided, like make it taller to reach higher medals or add longer tires to absorb the impact of flying across hills.  Fun power-up and speed bonuses can also be unlocked.

Content is family-friendly and while it’s not a multi-player it would be fun to play as a collaborative experience.  Game play doesn’t take a lot of technique but it’s important to get the vehicle right to get through the level.  Where Bad Piggies was strong of the physics of how the cart worked, Loco Motors shines in the creative process.

This game is a lot of fun to play.  It’s not the most complex app out there but it satisfies that human desire to build something awesome.  I spent time playing but the levels went quick and  building appropriate cars never got frustrating or even kind of hard.  Playing through the 50 levels is time-consuming but only because there are several ways to play each level.

The download price is only $0.99 and that’s a real bargain for the level of replayability but it’s not particularly challenging.  Younger players will appreciate that however more seasoned gamers might find it monotonous.   Where Loco Motors really earns points is in the DIY department – because making awesome stuff that works is always fun.


From the Developer

Download today and receive the special introductory price of 80% off for a limited time only.

iPod Touch 4th Gen and lower, iPhone 4 and lower or iPad 1 are not compatible with this app.

Think outside the box and create hundreds of wacky vehicles to take on Loco Motors\\\' unique stunt challenges. Dash through the most physics-defying tracks you’ve ever seen and share your achievements with your friends online!

Loco Motors Features: • 50 levels of physics-fueled stunts: use gravity, thrust, torque, springs, and more! • Hundreds of vehicle customizations: combine dozens of wheel, engine, fuel tank and chassis designs to create your unique stunt car. • Unlockable challenges: collect bronze, silver and gold gears to open 3 even more extreme game modes! • Share your achievements and replays online for a more intense game experience. • Free updates!

So, go ahead! Unleash your creative genius and show off your crazy stunts and vehicle designs!

Play Loco Motors now and have a blast defying physics... on wheels!

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***SUPPORT NOTE*** If you have trouble getting the game to run, please restart your device and try again. We are working to resolve some issues and will update soon!

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