Angry Birds Volcano Level 5 Walkthrough

Below is our 3 star walkthrough video for Angry Birds Volcano Level 5. These levels are pretty easy to 3-star, so this video might be better viewed as an alternate strategy. Not familiar with Angry Birds Volcano? Check out this article for all the details you seek.

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    By David

    Ornjie’s strategy: Your first bird should be more or less a blank. Put it directly into the pile on the bottom left, but don’t knock anything down (5000 points or less). With the black bird, aim high, you want to hit the “fishing line” in the middle of the middle segment. This will put the bird directly between the two towers. (You will have to break through the diagonal piece of wood.) Blow up the black bird when it is about 1/3 of the way down between the towers. The explosion will send the Peber Volcano’s into the air. The one on the top of the left tower will take out the suspended structure on the left, the top of the right tower will take out the structure on the right. That structure will crumble off to the right exploding the last TNT and killing the last pig. Should yield about 95,000. Good luck.

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