Angry Birds Turns 6! Celebrate with 15 New Levels in BirdDay Party!

Happy 6th Birthday Angry Birds

Rovio has adopted a new tradition of updating the original Angry Birds annually on December 11th to celebrate the birthday of entertainment’s best-selling app of all time. And this year is now exception! Angry Birds v6.0.1 is now available for iOS, and Android via Google Play. The update should be available for more platforms soon.

The numbering in BirdDay Party is a bit different from other episodes, so please take note.

Originally, levels were numbered 18-x and 19-x. Rovio adopted a different labeling system since they seem to be planning to continue this annual tradition in the future. The labeling is Cake 2 Level x (previously Chapter 18), Cake 3 Level x (previously 19), Cake 4 Level x, and now Cake 6 Level x. BirdDay 5 was celebrated in a special episode of it’s own.

This update includes:

  • 15 new levels in Birdday Party! These are labeled as Cake 6 Level x to mark the 6th birthday of Angry Birds. Note that the chapters are listed reverse-chronologically. Our walkthroughs for the new levels are Live!.
  • Any Golden Eggs? We didn’t find any … yet, but keep your eyes peeled. Each chapter of Birdday Party has had one before now.
  • No new achievements for iOS, since ABo is nearly full in GameCenter.
  • Still no on-screen distinction between Power Up and “clean” scores, besides the lightning bolt that appears on the Level Completed screen. But thankfully the data files distinguish.
  • Helpful Tip: If you are experiencing any issues with a level not completing promptly, there is a “Fast Forward” button that appears in the bottom-right corner once all pigs have been popped. This will force the level to end, tally your extra birds, and show you your final score. While not a new feature, it can still be helpful!

Happy Birthday BirdLeader!

Of course, we are all thankful for Rovio’s heavy stream of levels recently. Both the staff and community here at AngryBirdsNest appreciates all that Rovio does for us.

And in the ultimate coincidence, the anniversary of Angry Birds aligns perfectly with the real-life birthday of our Commander in Beak! So join me in wishing our very own @BirdLeader an extremely HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

For those who don’t know, BL will be celebrating his 75th birthday. He enjoys long walks on the beach with his walker, buying new tennis balls for the legs of his walker, and denture cream. (I kid of course. But as the baby of the staff, I get to have some fun at his expense. Thanks for everything BL!)


Helpful Links

  • The Birdday Party leaderboard has been updated to include the new levels.
  • All of our (original) Angry Birds walkthroughs can be found on this page. Our walkthroughs for newest Birdday Party levels are live.
  • Need help finding Golden Eggs? We have the most complete guide on the web!
  • See our Total Destruction walkthroughs for earning feathers using the Mighty Eagle.
  • Compete with the best on the net here on the Nest! Enter your scores on our leaderboard. Note that Power Up scores are not permitted on our leaderboards at this time
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Comments (41)

By Donald Melton

Angry birds hd update bird day party won’t update on. iPad waiting for fix. It’s been sin Dec…is there going to be a fix.ios. 9.2and the. Version angrybirds. HD 6.0.1 ,63.1 mb let me. Know if. You can fix. The 6 birthday party update actually to. My iPad….email me…

By Maria Basham

I’m unhappy due to the fact that I can no longer play angrybirds on my kindlefire. Amazon app store no longer has it in the listing…I’ve played for years and now it’s no longer available?? How fair is this??? Can anyone suggest anything?

By Stephen

Question: Have some levels been either modified or deleted? I’ve been trying to find some levels and it seems they aren’t there.

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