Angry Birds Star Wars Concludes Cloud City, Adds Power Ups and Lando Calrissian

Yes folks, as we suspected, Angry Birds Star Wars v1.3.0 has been released and there are lots of great galaxy-saving adventures in your future! The update has landed for iOS, PC, Mac, and Android via Google Play and the Amazon Appstore, with more platforms coming in the near future.

Attention Amazon users: Be sure to download v1.3.1, which resolves the crashing issue from the initial release.

Attention PC users: v1.2.0 has landed for PC today, which includes the first 20 levels of Cloud City and Boba Fett’s Missions. All inquires should be directed to the v1.2.0 release post, which includes plenty more information.
Update for PC users: v1.3.0 landed on 14 August. We created a separate post to announce the release, but this post likely contains far more information in terms of general advice.

This update includes:

  • 20 levels in the epic finale of Cloud City! Walkthroughs are ready and can be access through the Cloud City page.
  • 2 Bonus levels: The 10th star level unlocks at 640 stars, and it is the ninth droid that you are looking for. Our Droid and Bonus Levels Guide is there if you need help.
  • Lando Calrissian appears with the unique ability to fire not one, not two, but three laser blasters at once!
  • Power Ups with in-game score distinction! We have more about this below, but in-game score distinction is certainly great! Reminder: No Power Up scores on our AB:SW leaderboard, please!
  • 4 new achievements for iOS. We’ve updated that page, so who’s your daddy now? ;)
  • 5 SW characters to unlock! As an added bonus, you now need to grant AB:SW permission to use Twitter from the Characters page.
  • Toons fan? Check out “Boba’s Delivery”, now available in AB:Toons!

Power Ups

Power Ups have made their move from the Facebook version of Star Wars to the mobile app, but they came with a new in-game score distinction. In other apps with this distinction (e.g., Space and Seasons), you can only view your best PU score by using a PU again. With Star Wars, however, both scores are displayed simultaneously! This is a very cool system.

The Power Ups added to AB:SW are the same as appear in the Facebook version:

  • Clone Bird: Add one more bird to any level! The cloned bird matches the bird already loaded in the slingshot, I believe.
  • Thermal Detonator: Melt the Empire’s defenses with the Thermal Detonator, a small explosive that will stick to the first structure your bird touches.
  • Blaster Droid: Attach a blaster bolt shooting droid to your bird’s head!
  • Lightsaber Sling: Energize the slingshot to increase birds’ speed.

Now for prices:

  • Clone Bird
  • 10 individual: $1.99
  • 20 (+10) individual: $4.99
  • 50 (+20) individual: $9.99
  • 100 (+50) individual: $19.99
  • Individual TD, BD, or LS
  • 30 individual: $1.99
  • 70 (+10) individual: $4.99
  • 150 (+20) individual: $9.99
  • 300 (+100) individual: $19.99
  • Bundle of TD/BD/LS
  • 10 each: $1.99
  • 30 each:$4.99
  • 65 each: $9.99
  • 140 each: $19.99

Helpful Links

  • Walkthroughs for all Star Wars levels, including Cloud City and the Boba Fett Missions and hidden jet packs.
  • See our Complete Droids and Bonus Levels Guide if you need help unlocking those!
  • Total Destruction video walkthroughs using the Mighty Millennium Falcon can help you earn your gold medals. Our walkthroughs for this update are live to help you out.
  • For a complete list of all achievements available in Angry Birds Star Wars, see our page.
  • Think you can take on the best? Compete on our Star Wars leaderboard. But please, do NOT enter scores using Power Ups on our AB:SW leaderboard.

Angry Birds Star Wars Welcome Lando

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Comments (83)

Rank: Champion with 3855 points
By pwissing (@pwissing)

Amazon Kindle updated again to 1.3. Seems to be working right. now. YAY!!!

Rank: Champion with 3855 points
By pwissing (@pwissing)

updated to 1.3.1 on June 18, 2013 fir Amazon app.

Rank: Well Traveled with 1625 points
By droidman (@droidman)

It’s working for you? Wow. Mine still crashes, even after latest update. Did you do anything special to get Cloud City to work?

Rank: Champion with 3855 points
By pwissing (@pwissing)

Is it the 1.3.1 update? I didn’t do anything special. I just entered cloud city after the bug fix update was installed and it works fine. If you are on a Kindle try restarting it to see if that fixes it.

Rank: Champion with 3855 points
By pwissing (@pwissing)

It is working on my Kindle HD and my Galaxy S3, that has ABSW installed on through the Amazon App store.

Rank: Well Traveled with 1625 points
By droidman (@droidman)

Thanks folks. Mine says 1.3.0 – you have 1.3.1? Maybe that’s it. I don’t see the option to update to a newer version either. So frustrating. Guess I just have to wait on Amazon. Grrr.

Rank: Champion with 3855 points
By pwissing (@pwissing)

Yes, I have 1.3.1 that updated yesterday through Amazon. I had sent an email to Rovio when 1.3 was not working and they replied this morning saying it is fixed with the 1.3.1 update. I had figured it was fixed, since I was able to access Cloud City yesterday with no problems.

By lucy

How do I get the v1.3.1 update? Cloud City keeps crashing on my Kindle Fire.

Rank: Champion with 3855 points
By pwissing (@pwissing)

It updated automatically on my Kindle Fire HD on the 18th. I manually updated it on my Galaxy S3. Try going into the app store and into my apps and see if there is an update for it. It even shows the updated version online in the app store at

Rank: Out of this World with 2890 points
By Spacer (@spacer)

Are BF missions available for Mac.

Rank: Sling God with 26055 points
By sal9 (@sal9)

No they are not, unfortunately.

Rank: Debriefed with 1400 points
By teocuk (@teocuk)

does this update conclude the original trilogy ( because rovio just released a new star wars trilogy)

Rank: Sling God with 32120 points
By AMslimfordy (@amslimfordy)

The storyline of the original trilogy is not over.

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