Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Naboo Invasion B1-12 Bonus Box Walkthrough

There is a Collectable Item hidden in Angry Birds Star Wars II Naboo Invasion level B1-12, high above the level. This one is pretty hard to get. Either arc Yoda to land atop the left tree, or aim him straight for the joint between the two trees. Either way, Yoda needs to deflect nearly vertically to land on the Bonus Box.

Go back to the Complete Star Wars II Bonus Boxes Guide. If you have a different strategy feel free to leave a comment below.

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Comments (14)

Rank: DaBomb with 265 points
By nlightenup (@nlightenup)

I can’t tell from this video if there was a touch after launching Yoda before or as he hit the tree. If I don’t touch the screen and after launching him, he lands like a deflated soccer ball. The only time he comes off the trees with any energy is when I touch the screen after he launches, but I can’t find where or when to touch that sends him straight up. Suggestions? Clarifications?


Rank: Gold Flinger with 9020 points
By Steinbird (@steinbird)

Hi nlightenup, with Yoda, it doesn’t matter where you tap on the screen. It matters when – and in the video it looks like the tap comes right when Yoda hits the tree. The trick is, you have to get him directly in the joint between the trees (like the video) or else just barely to the right side of the center of the left-hand part of the tree (if that makes sense) for him to pop up straight and just barely enough to the right to get the box. It’s hard, but you’ll get it.

Rank: Explosive with 2105 points
By chimichangachick (@mecstaveler)

At least I have been trying the right strategy before I came running here for help! Just might take some time before I get him to hit just right. Thanks again abn and players that post!

Rank: Gold Flinger with 9020 points
By Steinbird (@steinbird)

I also just had a freak way of doing it, I hit the ground between the tree and the arrow, activating on impact, and Yoda spun into the tail of the arrow and hopped up over the tree, right into the box.

Rank: Master Slinger with 5140 points
By JunkenMetel (@junkenmetel)

I finally got it, but it took a bunch of tries. Yoda is rather mischievous, and even if you hit very close to just the right spot on the top of the first tree, he has a tendency to spin straight up into the air, and then either come down on the wrong side of of the tall tree, or — worse yet — lands on right tree, but doesn’t roll down the right side — he just gets stuck there.

Pesky Yoda. However, if even I could get it, it just takes a little patience, following the video.

Rank: Flinger with 0 points
By bennybird (@)

If you aim for the spot in the video but activate Yoda much earlier (halfway to the tree), it becomes easier. Activating Yoda right when he hits something changes the dynamic. I got it on third try by activating him earlier. Strongly recommend this strategy.

By DiLovesTheRedskins

@bennybird, you are spot on. I did it that way and also got it on the third try. Thanks!

Rank: Shooter with 795 points
By sskdrn (@sskdrn)

This strategy uses jarjar binks as character swap.
Swap Jarjar with yoda. Launch him to the Green tree. When he nears, click on the tree joint to grapple his tongue there. then the bird should swing upwards and get the box.

Here’s a pic:

Rank: Slinger with 1025 points
By Porkton Student (@porktonstudent)

Use Anakin’s Podracer, i think it’s more easy.
Anakin should fling to the pig’s structure in the cave and blast his podracer just under the box!

By Greg Olsen

Why is everyone completely leaving out any strategies to get the map on the far right of the
Level? It doesn’t even appear in the video and none of the comments mention the map? Pretty annoying. I’d like to get the map.

Rank: Sling God with 32120 points
By AMslimfordy (@amslimfordy)

Because this is the Bonus Box walkthrough, not the Treasure Map walkthrough.

By Shannon

I aimed for the pink tree just to the left of the launcher and spun Yoda just as I hit it. That launched me with enough force to the right that I could land and hit the box.

Rank: Champion with 3065 points
By BiRD PiGGY (@birdpig)

Obi Wan and Anakin are the best choose.

By AnonymousBird

what happened to me was that yoda bounced off the tree and went downwards,but then bounced off of the arrow sign back over the tree to get the box.

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