Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Master Your Destiny Level BM-20 Walkthrough

Our strategy for Angry Birds Star Wars II Master Your Destiny Level BM-20 (Bird Side) is to use the awesome force of Darth Vader, with a little bit of luck, to master this level. Aim at the first poulie, and trigger upon impact. The score in the video below is 122.740.

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Rank: Hardened with 580 points
By thatguy181 (@thatguy181)

Don’t know what the strat is that’s going to be posted by the Nest, but to help narrow down numbers…

110k is 2 star
118k is 3 star

My strat involved sitting patiently on the toilet and using the tusken raider again and again (if you’ve not bought the permanent use of him yet, I don’t know what to tell you, you do realize he can hit ANYTHING/EVERYTHING on the map and immediately destroys it right? Invaluable imo) Aim to land on the ropes on the far right, wrecking havoc on that side of the level and shoot the center tower to get the turret rocking/falling to a more favorable position. Eventually the turret will land/shoot “correctly” and the level will clear itself.

There’s probably a far easier, and far more repeatable method to be had out there, but I try to clear these levels with my permanent characters unless I feel it’s impossible.

So yea, lots of time, the tusken raider, and fling away. You’ll get it eventually. Or wait patiently for the better strat/video to be posted soon :)

Rank: Sling God with 25820 points
By wicket182 (@wicket182)Score: 157,700

I used Imperial Officer. Relatively high arc. Shoot first chain with extended burst, shoot rope by upper right pig, shoot bottom left of tall center tower, shoot right block under upper left mine cart, finally shoot metal support holding upper right mine cart. Did this on iPhone and I think it will be more difficult to fire all the shots on iPad but I have not tried it yet. One Bird – 130,080
I think the most points for this level will come from LCS.

Rank: Sling God with 21090 points
By aleksch (@aleksch)Score: 150,620

I was using the same strategy and was able to achieve several one-birders but with not quite as high results (my best was 128600) . Eventually, I resorted to last chance to get my current top score.

Rank: Sling God with 25820 points
By wicket182 (@wicket182)Score: 157,700

Had to resort to LCS for higher scores. Waited to shoot all the boulders until everything else was gone. 156,910

By Capblye

Tusken raider worked for me as well. 117590 3 stars
Aim raider so he passes close above the left chain, into the right chain roughly where the wood block on the cart is. If he falls right, he knocks out the brace under the cart, clearing the right side.
Same time, aim for the center tower with the snipe.
Best place for me was to aim/snipe the tower squares about halfway up on the right side of the tower.
That makes the turret fall to the right and hopefully shoot out the chain and the right cart as it falls.
Takes quite a bit of tries, but if u have him infinite, should be able to get it.

Rank: Sling God with 28590 points
By MVNLA2 (@mvnla2)Score: 115,120

BM-20 —How many lucky coins are there? I’m not sure I can see the whole scene to the right. The third coin in upper cave on right is barely on the screen, and the lower coin is even further off the screen. I can see 5, @bigchosen says there are two in the lower cave for a total of 6. Anyone else get a different count?

Rank: Sling God with 28590 points
By MVNLA2 (@mvnla2)Score: 115,120

OK, got 5 of the 6 coins. There are 2 in the cave on lower right; I saw second when I targeted first with Tusken Raider. However, I don’t know how to get the second coin in that cave. It is off the screen, so I can’t target it with Tusken Raider. Tried several other characters with no success.

Rank: Avian Overlord with 19775 points
By Karibird (@karibird)Score: 123,270

Try Count Dooku

Rank: Sling God with 28590 points
By MVNLA2 (@mvnla2)Score: 115,120

@karibird — Did you actually use Count Dooku to get that last coin? I think it is blocked by a pile of rocks???

By Capblye

Thank you for pointing that out! I totally missed thatlast coin!

I used count dooku to get it …. Tusken can’t target it … Too far off screen.

I lobbed the count high arc so he dropped between the little island and the rock pile … As soon as he’s level with the rockpile, throw the saber at the coin. The saber goes through the rocks.

Thanks again

Rank: Hardened with 580 points
By thatguy181 (@thatguy181)

Wonder if there’s a difference in how far you can zoom out on a Six Plus vs a normal sized iPhone. I was able to easily get all the coins using the Tusken Raider, yes, even the two coins in the bottom right.

Rank: Master Slinger with 7130 points
By Kelani (@kelani)

@thatguy181 IIRC, the Six Plus has a higher screen resolution than the normal size. If that’s true, the higher resolution would allow you to see more of the normally-offscreen scenery. AB levels are like TV shows, in that they fit everything in a “safe area” that everyone can see, but the actual size of the level is much larger, so higher res devices don’t see a black bars around the margins.

Rank: Debriefed with 1485 points
By Wolfwoman (@wolfwoman)

I pushed those rocks into the cave and they got the two bottom coins. The far right one at the top is the only one I haven’t got across the entire game now :-/. It looks like I’m going to have to wait for a Tuscan Raider in the melt. Do we get anything for collecting all the coins? If not I don’t know why I’m bothering as that extra one will only give me 165 and that isn’t enough to buy the characters I still need :-(. Has anyone ever been given an Endor Luke or a Hologram DS in the melt or am I wasting my time trying to get those too? I also need one Royal Guard and two Jabbas to open their reward levels :-/. I was just having a look at the cost of buying those coins and OMG, that’s never gonna happen :-O!

Rank: Boss Hog with 14300 points
By swansaredead (@swanz)Score: 146,450

Biker scout, Anakin episode 1 and some Tusken Raiders lcs

Rank: Gold Flinger with 8365 points
By wRm (@wrm39)


Rank: Shooter with 935 points
By M3ch@s (@jvi3r)

I used Yoda 118k

By Gary

darth Vador is not an option on the blue side is he?

Rank: Sling God with 32120 points
By AMslimfordy (@amslimfordy)

Yes, you can unlock opposing sides for a small “Bird Coin” price.

Rank: Gold Flinger with 9830 points
By Chris (@chriss)

Nevertheless the strat in the video only works if you have unlimited vaders you can waste like sal cos a lucky one birder is required. For most Nesters here the strat is not helpful.

Rank: Hardened with 580 points
By thatguy181 (@thatguy181)

What else are people spending their coins on? Vader and/or Tusken Raider were pretty much the ultimate purchases you could make before all the new characters got released.

Rank: Champion with 3455 points
By Sutekh137 (@sutekh137)

@Chris, @thatguy181:

I’m still saving my coins to buy new characters, still have Chopper left. Apparently we’re not all masters at managing our coins, not to mention I lost a bunch of coins one time with a buggy double-buy that took me to negative coins.

I’m with Chris in that I don’t really understand why a published strat would use the need to buy the Pig Side in order to complete three stars. Also, needing to use the Tusken Raider to get the coins on this level doesn’t make economic sense. You’re going to spend 10 coins in order to get 5 or 6? For completeness, yeah, I guess you have to, but shouldn’t we all admit this level is oddly constructed from the get-go in terms of needing Pig Side characters to complete?


Rank: Slinger with 1230 points
By Lehigh96 (@lehigh96)Score: 120,330

Sabine Wren 118K

I wanted to use a bird side character. Placed the first sticky bomb at the top of the right chain, she rebounds back to the left chain for the second bomb, and 3rd bomb goes on the tower. With some luck, the explosions and falling debris will clear the board for a one birder. Took me 3 attempts.

Rank: Well Traveled with 1940 points
By alexmiller (@alexmiller)

I used the same character aimed at the top of the right chain, but it only cleared the right side and middle. Then I used the pod racer aimed at the top trooper behind the chain. The damage got me to 118,860. Good enough for me.

I also only wanted to used Bird Side characters. Maybe I’m a purist. LOL.

Rank: Explosive with 2250 points
By binad914 (@binad914)

Yeah, I don’t like using Pork Side characters either. Partly because I just think it’s weird using Pork Side characters to kill Pork Side soldiers, and partly because I don’t want to spend my coins, even the tiny amount I’d need to unlock them. Also, the colored shading just throws off the color scheme. ;)

I wish more people had good Bird Side strategies for this level, because I’m stuck at one star and I’m out of Sabines…

Rank: Champion with 3455 points
By Sutekh137 (@sutekh137)

I used infinite Anakin (pod racer) to swing to the right, turn at the pully, and head back to the left. Do that until a mini-bomb falls close enough to the tower in the center to take it out.

Then, I used Last Chance Strategy, with light saber folks (I have so many and they are generally worthless) to take out all wood, and then a few laser shooters to take out all the rock in the crack to the right (also get the coins that way).

Finally, one last light-saber character to take out the pig (and stuff) perched on the cliff face to the right.

Finished at 124,000+. No shame in using LCS, IMO.

What is supremely annoying about that level is needing a Tusken Raider to get those last couple coins buried inside a mountain. How on earth does one get those using just Bird Side characters?


Rank: Well Traveled with 1855 points
By muffincake (@muffincake)

It does seem impossible to fetch the coins without a dark side swap. I think I’ll just wait, maybe they will release new bird side characters that can…

Rank: Champion with 3455 points
By Sutekh137 (@sutekh137)


I’m certainly not going to spend 10 coins to get 2. *smile*

My money management in the game already sucks without adding a basic math fail to the mix!


Rank: Well Traveled with 1855 points
By muffincake (@muffincake)

Agreed. Hopefully they’ll add a bird in the next update that can reach those coins.

By Julia

This level is driving me nuts… I’ve tried everyone’s posted strategy to no avail. I don’t understand how to use a permanent character more than once in a level. I have several [permanent], but when I use it, i lose it.

Rank: Hardened with 580 points
By thatguy181 (@thatguy181)

It’s a rough level. I probably tried 30 minutes of throwing the Tusken Raider around. Still haven’t been able to duplicate the Vader approach shown in the video and I’ve tried at least an hour with Vader.

Rank: DaBomb with 370 points
By bison (@bison)Score: 117,480

Used used permanent podracer to clip chains on both sides then finished with 2nd leia to get 117,480. Took dozens of tries but only used a few extra birds since I didn’t try with a second shot until first was over 98k

Rank: Deputized with 175 points
By bangahome (@bangahome)Score: 117,190

I wanted to use Bird side characters only.
1st shoot : Yoda directly on the left chain, it destroy all the characters at right and explode the red bombs.
2nd shoot : Captain Panaka to shoot the foot of the central tower, and the white pig inside two ice blocks.
3rd shoot : Princess Leia to catch the last white pig at upper left.

Maybe I would use the Princess Leia at 2nd shoot?
Not the easier way to finish the level, but 3 stars!!!

Rank: Avian Overlord with 18260 points
By cconnielf (@cconnielf)Score: 157,360

After getting those final pesky coins with Tuscan raiders, I finished the level using the last chance strategy…using mainly shooters.

Rank: Champion with 3945 points
By Fleshyskeleton (@fleshyskeleton)

Your strat is def the way to go.I thought by “poulie” you meant that pulley wheel holding chains on the left.When you use Vader to slice the chain and activate afterwards,the pulley wheel is smashed against the cliff and with a bit of luck main structure will go down with left chain.I didn’t one-bird the level so I sent in Maul to drop the cart on the strand on the right side.Damage may vary,though i was able to get 123K in 3 goes.Perhaps an Anakin Ep.1 with a perfect stunt will work as well.
And I’d like you to clarify the desc of DS 2-21 (could only clear once w/0 clone)video,since the vid is unavailable from my loc.I didnt get the bit about”Fire han low,lasers bounce taking out both towers”.Fairy tale if you ask me.Perhaps you could point out the exact trajectory?

Rank: Debriefed with 1305 points
By Y2K (@yandar)

I used a pod racer Anakin. I fired him low over the edge of the cliff and then waited until the last moment to send him into the bottom of the tower so that Anakin swings around to take out the chain but still continues on to wreck the tower. The trick is to get the tower to collapse in such a way that the laser will take out the left side. A lot of luck is required as seem to be the case with every strat for this level. I was stuck at 116,202, which I got with a pod racer and a Han Solo, for a really long time until I finally got lucky and got the shot with a 1 birder for 120,920.

Now to tackle the dark side.

Rank: Flinger with 70 points
By Silo Beltsander (@silobeltsander)

The same worked for me; 1B = 128,080. Anakin over the tower toward the right chain, then take a hard turn toward the tower. When timed correctly, Anakin will take out the right chain (and the cascade takes care of the rest), the Pod takes out the tower, and the random laser shots takes out the left side. Not sure we can call it a “strategy” due to reliance on chance laser trajectories, but it did work!

By Lauretta Robertson

Hi everyone. Other than using Tuscan Raider, which I’m not willing to do because I only have a few of him, I have failed in all attempts to get the top 3 coins. Often, when coins are behind impenetrable rocks, slamming Biker Scout or Anakin Episode 1 into the narrowest part of rock nearest the coins collects the coins, but this rock is too thick for that to work, apparently.

As for the 2 coins in the bottom cave, I managed to get the 1st coin using Biker Scout, then, if you’re willing to use a bird-side character, I managed to move some of the rocks in the bottom cave out of the way by using Jar-Jar Binks, then used a shooting character (any one would do) to get the 2nd coin.

Lastly, someone above asked about using infinite characters more than once – – – you can only use an infinite character once per game, but you can use the character twice or more if you have extras of him, as well as infinity. When im trying to get the coins, I use my infinite characters once, then if I still don’t have all the coins, I re-start the level again and use my infinites again. Hope this helps someone. :)

Rank: Well Traveled with 1855 points
By muffincake (@muffincake)

I came to the same conclusion. I’ll wait for a future update and hope they will add a bird that can reach those…

By Dreadknight1

I did it with one anakin podracer and one lando. Arc anakin over top the tower with the laser and aim and hit it from the right side. With the laser falling this took out eveything except for the guy in the top left corner. I finished him off with a shot from lando. 117,290 3 stars.

Rank: Fling King with 4415 points
By RizDub (@rizdub)

I managed to get a one-birder using only Yoda. I shot him as low as possible and activated upon impact. After a few tries he knocked over and destroyed enough so that the pigs’ blaster destroyed everything else. I’m not sure how repeatable this strat is, and frankly I’m not really willing to find out. :)

Rank: Fling King with 4415 points
By RizDub (@rizdub)

To clarify – I shot him as low as I could without hitting the chain in front of the slingshot platform.

Rank: Flinger with 0 points
By TienShenLong (@)

1-Birdie Mace Windu 122K strat (permanent Windu required!)

Send Windu to the wheel on the oposite side (objective: cut the chain then bouncing to the tower’s lower right metal piece/basement) and while in the way to hit that wheel, lightsaber to the hi-cave-pig BUT calculating to deflect the laser from below. (not a must the deflection)
Chain on the left cutted that way should take out lower left side; Windu the central tower and the right-side chain the same on that side.

Timing and angle is everything.
Not easy strat but but is a true “Bird side” one.

Rank: Master Slinger with 5140 points
By tfhusker (@tfhusker)Score: 120,260

After much frustration with this level, finally got a 2-bird. Anakin with the pod racer back to the left chain, then Yoda aimed at the right side pig behind the chain. Next thing I know, it all comes crashing down, and I don’t have to deal with this level ever again!

Rank: Explosive with 2275 points
By getty79 (@getty79)

I was having trouble with this level and another but after reading a few above comments I beat the two levels first time…….don’t matter how many clone u said 4..I used them..and b4 the level shut down..I used inquisitor about 5 times quickly b4 level had chance to finish..I smashed and sabered everything to bits…even the chain underneath and behind the slingshot…so go ahead…use as many characters as u want b4 level has chance to finish..break and destroy everything…most levels hv enuff debris to give u 3star score….already did it fair on my tablet…so don’t feel guilty bout 2 levels on my phone…. :)

By Derrek W

You can get the coins in the mountain with the good guys! There is a character that creates a large blast wave if used correct. It takes practice.


chebacca sends a wave far enough to collect them, but you must hit the mountain from different angles to collect all 3. No dark pork needed! Tusken raiders really aren’t that great a character. I’ve done more damage with yoda. BTW Yoda is the best character for the highest BM-20 score!

By Random

Are you sure? There are three coins at the bottom, but also three coins in the middle of the rocks (you might need a wide screen to see them), and Chewbacca cannot get to them.

Rank: Flinger with 40 points
By gold5472 (@gold5472)Score: 120,480

I used Sabine Wren to 3 star this one.

Rank: Master Slinger with 5575 points
By bullets0000 (@bullet)Score: 118,570

Finally got the final star for the Master Your Destiny (read: Burn Your Characters) chapter, at great expense.

Over the course, I burnt:
40+ of each bird shooters (Han, Lando and Panaka; Ezra is useless)
30+ Yodas (because someone claimed Yoda is the most powerful in this level)
20+ Sabines (because some claimed success with her)
Several Leias (just to pull that top left trolley out)
2000+ coins (to buy 30 more Yodas, THEN a bundle with permanent Yoda)

And it was the permanent Yoda that delivered: I tossed him towards the right chain, and he somehow ricocheted to the top left trolley, THEN back to the bottom right (which is very stubborn). In short, everything except the central tower was left, which I claimed with Panaka.

Hard-earned, that 118k score is. Thank you very much, Master Yoda.

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