Angry Birds Space Cosmic Crystals Level 7-24 Walkthrough

Our strategy for Angry Birds Space Cosmic Crystals level 7-24 is to fling the Ice bird over the crane and into the base of the farthest tower. As the tower falls, it should detonate the TNT below. Connected by relays, the mustachioed pig’s structure should also fail him. Now simply arc a Blue bird into the two pigs sitting atop the crane, but be careful of how the gravitational field on this level plays tricks with the mind. The score in the video below is 75,750.

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Comments (36)

SyRuS says:

damn, had a one birder with a bit of luck, debris from tnt landed on left 2 pigs, however went to scroll left and accidently fired blue bird off screen :(

HunnyBunny says:

I shot the first bird in a high arc to hit the first tower just behind the crane, following with the second bird on the same trajectory, split late. The crane fell and took out the jewel. Third shot as the first one in the walkthrough. 80k

HappyShake says:

I aim so that icebird just scratches the little ball on the sat-dish. (Is this a developers hint? They often give us hints as to how to solve a level, I love it when I find those things,)
Bird slows down and breaks into the x-shaped wire-box. From here you have to be lucky. Icebird has to move on under the tower quickly, so it does not ignite the TNT when it self-activates. Instead it should ice the stone box of the TNT. I thought that the explosion appeared more violent when the box is made from ice instead of stone – but maybe I’m imagining things. Result was 38k after bird #1

From there it is like the walkthrough. Tower falls on lamp – lamp ignites TNT – 2nd bird loop to take out the two pigs on the left.

ZeBung says:

Shot 1

Shot 2


hinarei says:

very useful screengrabs, look to have got me above average at least :D ta, @zebung!

Rat says:

Slightly lower than the video on the first shot. Second is the same. I see a lot of potential points once a new strategy is invented.

I must have played this level a gazillion times so I earned my Top Score on this one, lol ;-) Two birdies used and getting the crystal for 85850 ;-)
My first shot is pretty much the same as others, especially aZeBung in that if you look in the background of his screenshot, I am using the same trajectory. You want the Ice Bird to land on the first bottom wooden triangle of the far right structure. He freezes it then slides in a bit. You want just the bottom half of the structure to be frozen so that it will tip over left and ignite the tnt. It works better this way so that the very top triangle and little stone plank pieces can fly up and over to the left. I have come so close to several one birdies at least 10 times. That top triangle or one of the stone pieces lands on the left piggies…I never did get the little left most one to go too. The triangle landed on the right one and then bounced on the left little one and it just sat there with a wood plank on it’s head laughing at me, UGH ;-( When I got my previous high score of 83890, it was also with two birdies but without the crystal. So one birdie scores in the 93K range are inevitable. Someone will get it…I hope it’s me, lol ;-D Regardless, you’ll need about 36K for a good score over 80K. I had 39K after first birdie with my highest score but have had scores as high as 41K.

For the second birdie I aimed the blues, almost with the same trajectory as the first, but pretty much straight up and split early…Here’s a screenshot to show it:

The key is to get the bottom bird of the split to go into the cranes claw opening so that it drops down on the crystal. Meanwhile, the top two birds go on to take out the top two left piglets ;-) Even if you don’t get the bottom one just right in it’s claw, it can still bounce off of it’s left claw piece and fall on the crystal. GL…it definitely takes some practice!

As I said, I have been so close to the one birdie that it’s hard to walk away from this level until I get it. I don’t think it will be possible to get the crystal with the one birdie, but you never know…if so…scores could be 96K!

Wowers!!! I just got a 89130 two birdie score with the very same strat I posted above with the crystal ;-))) This means a 96K one birdie score is doable with out the crystal! And to think…I almost hit reset when no debris flew over to the left ;-)

burpie says:

I used the same strategy. 2 birds for 90,270 points. I had an amazing 45,750 points after shot 1, with the upper deck still untouched. The second shot took out those 2 pigs and the crystal under the crane.

After hundreds of tries I managed to take out the top 2 pigs just once on the first shot, but on that try the pig in the middle of the field survived… here’s a screenshot of that
close but no cigar
I never did get 1-bird completion and I’m calling it a day on this level. I figure that if I ever do get a 1-bird completion the score could just as easily be lower than 90k.

GypsyBird says:

Thanks @lesleyg! When AB Space CC first came out, it took me a long time to get over average (79k). I couldn’t get any higher than that so I just moved on. Yesterday, even before the challenge of the day, I started going back through Cosmic Crystals working to improve all of my scores. I had actually gone Up to 82k on this level using your strat. Then, it turned out to be the next Challenge! hahahaha. Luckily I boosted my score again to 83k and now to 84k. So far no more luck but I’m keeping on until the bitter end. This is a tough one as even if you can get the angle right, it is still highly up to the L factor on getting more points.

It is always fun to work for improvement and this level is a fun one to play.

Lulu2all says:

On today’s challenge, I followed the excellently detailed strategy posted by @lesleyg but was lucky enough to get the one birdie. Thanks so much @lesleyg! The wooden triangle took out both pigs sitting on top of the crane. I agree that I don’t think it’s possible to get the crystal with the one birdie!

karen68 says:

@lulu2all congrats on getting the elusive 1-birdie! I’ve come close twice, the triangle took out the 2 upper pigs but both times Mr moustache pig was left sitting there with 2 black eyes smirking at me.
I scored 87k with 2 birds, I was amazed to have 41k after the 1st shot. My score at this point was usually in the 33k range, I just got a whole lot more destruction, shown in the screenshot.

Then the 2nd shot similar to the shot by @lesleyg.

Yay ;-) I’m glad I could help some @gypsybird @lulu2all and @karen68 ;-))) Nice improvements! I didn’t get to play this level today but I remember it all too well! It was a lot of rinse and repeat…and lots of great aggravation!

justpast40 says:

Thanks @lesleyg & @zebung. I’m revisiting some of these levels to improve some barely above average scores & eventually managed 84920 with a 2-birder. On my 2nd or 3rd try I came so … close to a 90k 1-birder when the explosion threw a piece if wood to the left taking out larger of the 2 piggies as the smaller one moved just enough to get my hopes up, but alas, I got excited for nothing.

ZeBung says:

Oh, looks like I need to revisit this one…

gladvold says:

Thank you @lesleyg I revisited the level for a “improve your own score”-mission today, and got 89k using your strategy. Here’s a video:

Snoid says:

I used the same opening shot as most everyone else (described in detail by @lesleyg above), and after a couple of hundred tries, I just got lucky. I was watching the score, expecting it to stop around 36k or so, but it kept going up. Only then did I realize that something (the wood triangle? a piece of rock?) had killed the large pig on the first tower and apparently knocked the stone triangle behind it over. As I watched, it fell on the small pig. The score would have been higher if I could have gotten the crystal, but I don’t know how that could even happen, though that doesn’t mean that it won’t. Unfortunately, it had been so long since I’d had a score worth noting that I forgot how to take an immediate screenshot, but here’s one I took later.

Nicely done @snoid 8-) I came so close many times but never pulled it off, Congrats on getting it and on Top Score!!!

Snoid says:

Thank you, @lesleyg. I’ve gotten a couple of high scores (one or two of which may even still survive) with a really good shot or two, but this one was pure luck. What really impresses me is how you, @burpie, @happyshake and a couple of others got such high scores with two birds.

Thanks @snoid 8-) It was with shear determination, will, and many hours of resets getting the two shots just right!
My Top Score lasted a whole week, lol ;-)))

burpie says:

@snoid, congrats on getting that shot!

Regarding my own score, the tally after shot 1 was outrageous (anything over 40k very good). By the time it happened, I had the second shot dialed in.

Snoid says:

@burpie That first shot was remarkable. In my several hundred tries, I only got just over 40k once, and then wasted it with my first attempt at the early split of the blue bird to try to get the jewel. I missed everything. I thought that I was being punished (by the Great Angry Bird??) for my greed, but then I got the lucky shot only about five or so tries later.

Is this a relatively new level to AB Space? I don’t recognize the walkthrough pic.. If so, yay! My favorite AB game!!

Dang, I just posted about the daily challenge HERE in the wrong place! I didn’t realize I hadn’t played an entire planet in AB Space yet, so I’m trying to 3 star all 23 preceding levels to get here. I don’t think Im gonna make it on time. :-[

HunnyBunny says:

@mecstaveler done little today on the challenge, had better things to do! We’re on holiday. But love your enthusiasm for the daily challenge. Call in @Rat9 on a space level for better advice than I can ever give

@hunnybunny still learning to navigate site and missed your comment! If I was on holiday, I’d be fishing instead of flinging! So no problem! :-D ty 4 advice re: @rat9 ! And, yes, I do enjoy the daily challenges and glad I figured them out after using walkthroughs here for so long.

Rat says:

@hunnybunny was wrong about me giving out free Space tips. The cost is a courteous “Please”. lol Good luck with the fishing.

HunnyBunny says:

@Rat9 I never said there was no cost!

meanguy says:

Thank you @lesleyg. Using your strategy I just got 90,080 after playing the Challenge off & on today. The second shot with the 3 bluebirds is the one that gives me the most trouble. I’m still looking for the elusive one-bird-kill.

You’re welcome @meanguy ;-) Glad to have helped…Congrats on your Great Score!!!

Sglouk says:

I got the one-birder when revisiting this level yesterday. My previous mark was at 79k, and after many failed attempts because of the second shot that I did not succeed to perform correctly, I ended up doing it with one bird.

Picture a short time before end of score counting:

Final score:

As for @snoid I was surprised to see both pigs close to the crane being killed by some debris (I presume the wood triangle). Debris destruction can be seen on the first picture and is far from being optimal. Therefore significantly higher scores can be obtained.

When I read @burpie and @lesleyg description, I am a bit puzzled because it did not take me much more than 2 hours to get the one-birder, which seems to be much shorter than the time both of you spent on this level. I wonder whether this is because I was (very) lucky or if the physics of the level was slightly changed so as to make it simpler. I have recently been lucky on a sufficiently large number of level to suspect that the second possibility may be at work somehow.

Uncle B says:

The rare and elusive One-Birder ~ Great Job!

comex666 says:

one-birder with only 87k:

Snoid says:

@comex666 Thanks for posting. A thing of beauty to behold! I suspect that’s how I got my score, but I wasn’t watching closely enough to see what killed the two pigs on the left.

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