Angry Birds Seasons Ham’o’ween Level 1-3 Walkthrough

The best strategy for Ham’o’ween level 1-3 is to lob the first Black bird between the second and third towers. The explosion should clear those two towers, and occasionally the left tower as well. If not, fire the next Black bird into the middle of the left tower and you should be done. Quickly analyze the situation and decide if the last Black bird can do more than 10,000 worth of damage. The score in the video below is 98,140.

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Rank: Slinger with 1155 points
By natureswrath (@natureswrath)Score: 111,500

High score strat: use your first black bird at a low angle to just clear the pumpkin stack at the left of the first (left-most) structure and break through the two, side-by-side thick vertical stone blocks at the base of this structure. This will cause the first structure to fall to the left and the explosion will cause a large degree of destruction. Second shot just like in the video above.

The advantage of doing it this way is that when the second and third structures fall you generally get a larger degree of destruction because the first structure is no longer in the way. This strat got me 104K.

—–Streamlined Version—–

Bird 1: Hit base of left structure causing a collapse to the left.
Bird 2: In between middle and right structures causing the middle structure to fall to the left and the right structure to fall to the right.
Bird 3: 10K points.

Rank: Champion with 3285 points
By Sharray (@sharray)Score: 106,200

Yep, this really works! One try from 96990 to 106200. Thanks!!

Rank: Champion with 3985 points
By pigsticker60 (@addington60)Score: 105,060

After hanging @ 96k got above average first try with your strategy – Thanks natureswrath!

Rank: Explosive with 2250 points
By mabilica (@mabilica)Score: 106,820

100340 with your help thank you…..

Rank: Sling God with 26290 points
By SweetP (@sweetp)Score: 110,500

That worked like a charm, increased by 7K! And of course, it only makes sense to clear the path of the falling tower to get more points!

Rank: Gold Flinger with 9940 points
By kimmiecv (@kimmiecv)Score: 108,710

Thank you @natureswrath, looks so easy, not so easy!! After 2 days I’m calling it done!!

Rank: Champion with 3915 points
By marc987 (@marc987)Score: 106,350

1-3, 106350.. One “birdie” shot into the gap of structures 2 and 3. Just cracked the 3m. point barrier on 2×15 levels. Welcome to, “The 3 Million point Club” , drinks are on “Habanero” for the Top Score!!.. thx

Rank: Well Traveled with 1855 points
By C_Wiz (@c_wiz)Score: 103,560

Managed 103560 with 2 birds, first bird as marc mentioned, shoot in between tower 2 and 3. It looks to me that exploding the bird high gives better results, you put more momentum in the middle tower so it can rock the leftmost one harder. By doing it that way I managed 75kish with first bird, before cleaning up the remaining bird (in front tower) by pushing my bomb bird low (a bit like natures wrath said above, aim for the two side by side stones at the base of the tower, with the pumpkins likely gone, you’ll put the bird in perfect place for the most impact).

I managed to do it in one bird twice by the way, but with lower scores (102 and 98k), it’s pretty hard to get a perfect destruction that way, although that’s definitely the way to go for the very top score.

Rank: Sling God with 21285 points
By AngryAdvisor (@lesleyg)Score: 103,210

This is how I got my best score of 103210. By exploding the first bomb bird a little higher, around the where the thin and thick vertical planks are side by side on the far right structure. Then second bird to the thick double vertical planks on left strucure and explode it as soon as it passes through, before it starts to roll back.

Rank: Flinger with 40 points
By gamerkyp (@gamerkyp)


Same method as natureswrath. Found that if you time your first explosion just as the first structures starts to fall to the left, you can destroy all of the four pumpkins AND all four tuffs of the grass and the one on the immediate right. This gives you a score of over 35k with just the first bird. Explode the second birds just as it falls along the side of the double vertical blocks at the base between the remaining structures. This caused the middle structure to fall to the left and take out the rest of the tuffs of grass while the far right structures falls to the right and takes out the four small pumpkins and the bat-filled pumpkin on the right. Getting eight grass tuffs equal 4k extra, and if you can get the ones on the far right, that’s another 2k.

I found that timing of the explosion is key to high scores.

Used only two birds.

Rank: Slinger with 1155 points
By natureswrath (@natureswrath)Score: 111,500

High scorer has entered only a single score, seems a little suspicious even though the score seems logically possible I think these profiles are often cleaned out from memory.

Rank: Sling God with 32120 points
By AMslimfordy (@amslimfordy)Score: 101,590

Removed that one and a few others. Thanks.

Rank: Slinger with 1155 points
By natureswrath (@natureswrath)Score: 111,500

This guy is persistent. Did they send you an SS or something? Or are they just causing you grief?

Rank: Slinger with 1155 points
By natureswrath (@natureswrath)Score: 111,500

Is it Victor? I presume not as he has his Moonsabre user ID. He has managed 112.5K so it is definitely possible, just unlikely.

Rank: Slinger with 1045 points
By moonsabre (@moonsabre)Score: 112,500

No, it’s not me, however, I did get 112.5K pretty much the same idea. Repost from the ABA forum:

“112.5K, switched shots, between second and third first, then bottom of the first. Was unexpected as I had 80K after the first with the mid pig hanging off and the bottom part of the first left, mid and right debris was mostly gone.”

If it was a one birder, it would have only been 105K, but with all of the debris altogether, it added to more with the second shot. I normally screen capture all “good” shots but didn’t think it was anything until the scores started totaling.

Rank: Deputized with 185 points
By st@@tz (@sttz)Score: 112,980
Rank: Sling God with 32120 points
By AMslimfordy (@amslimfordy)Score: 101,590

Thanks. Be aware that users who only enter a small number of scores are periodically purged by the system automatically. To avoid this, you should enter scores for a whole episode.

Rank: Master Slinger with 6945 points
By alfredhartojo (@alfredhartojo)Score: 105,980

105980 with a little luck(timing)1st Black Bird goes to the center of the 2nd and 3rd Building.Almost seemingly the same with natureswrath,3rd building falls to the right and broke every pumpkins,2nd building leans to left,and falls to the 1st building and voíla,all pigs destroyed with only ONE bird,took 10 tries,be patient,Good Luck :D

Rank: Master Slinger with 6640 points
By E-Star (@e-star)Score: 107,030

Much like the video on top, but I shot the second bird a little lower, going thru the bottom stone blocks. I think this gives more debris and therefor points. I got 107030.

Here is my video.

Rank: Sling God with 32840 points
By asher (@asher)Score: 115,330

115330 with 2 birds.

Same strategy as in @e-star video.

Here is the final result.

And the highscore screenshot.

Rank: Sling God with 45310 points
By Kathy (@kathy)Score: 109,120

@Angrychicken Great score Congratulations on the trophy! any tips ?
Reverse order, how many birds, the usual questions lol ?

Rank: Sling God with 20685 points
By Angrychicken (@angrychicken)Score: 114,550

@kathy Exactly as in E-star’s video. Important is that you break the top pumpkin in front of the first tower, otherwise the second shot is blocked. I don’t think I played this level very long so I’m surprised my score is still standing. It is already in the ‘Seasons just got easier’ list if I’m not mistaken.

Rank: Sling God with 45310 points
By Kathy (@kathy)Score: 109,120

thanks @angrychicken I’ll keep at it, appreciate the reply :D good to know these details !

Rank: Sling God with 45310 points
By Kathy (@kathy)Score: 109,120

Great observation on getting that top pumpkin in front of the first tower @angrychicken ,i haven’t quite got it yet, but i see it happening !
thanks again!!

Rank: Sling God with 45310 points
By Kathy (@kathy)Score: 109,120

@gumby Try this !!

Rank: Sling God with 69070 points
By wrw01 (@wrw01)Score: 113,870

First bird like the levels video. Used the end of the fence iron work to line up the shot with bb eyeball. Zoomed in to obtain a better view. Sometimes obtained 70k after the first bird.
Second shot at the base of the left structure as mentioned above. Let the bird roll to the right for better destruction.

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