Angry Birds Seasons Free Edition Update v1.2.0

There is a new update to Angry Birds Seasons Free edition available today. It includes three new levels from the paid version of Angry Birds Seasons Hogs and Kisses. The levels in the free edition map to the paid edition as follows:

1-1 in Free maps to 1-1 in the full version.           3 Star Walkthrough »
1-2 in Free maps to 1-5 in the full version.           3 Star Walkthrough »
1-3 in Free maps to 1-7 in the full version.           3 Star Walkthrough »

Since these levels are from the full version we already have already have walkthroughs for each one, so just click the respective link above.

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    A few notes:

    1) The first two levels are very straightforward if you’ve played them in the full version. However, level 3 (level 7 in the full version) seems to have a higher three-star threshold. To beat it now takes 90,000.

    2) Upon completion, you’ll be taken to a screen that asks you to buy the full version of Seasons. That screen shows concepts from what appears to be an Easter addition and some sort of party version (July 4th, Spring Break, or New Years maybe).

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    By xBloopBloopx (@xbloopbloopx)

    I was really disappointed that not even ONE level on the update was new. Oh well, it was nice to see that ending screen with future episode teasers.

    By Ed

    Don’t get me wrong… I like any and every excuse to get new levels and themes with the Angry Birds franchise. But the Valentines Day theme has me baffled. It’s a holiday marked by love and loving gestures, yet the game is still about destroying structures and killing pigs just for the heck of it. Perhaps it would make sense if they made a more conscious effort to do something with the storyline, e.g., for Valentines Day create a subplot of a forbidden bird-pig romance gone wrong in which the porcine half breaks the avian heart, thereby providing a new basis for birds being angry. For the 4th of July, the pigs should flee to the Middle East and conspire with the Arabs to transform eggs into WMD. Patriotic birds will save the day! For Labor Day, the pigs should be at the Jersey Shore and grilling eggs on the barbecue by their beach houses.

    Let’s have some fun with these seasons!

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    By Bird Leader (@birdleader)


    By Mike

    lol Legend!

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    By Cameron (@cameron)


    By rinaedin

    there’s a new update for the regular free version, there are 3 new levels AND it fixed that bug with the IV-2 level where no one could get 3 stars.

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    By xBloopBloopx (@xbloopbloopx)

    Plenty of us got 3 stars. It just took some work

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    By RLZIII (@rlziii)

    Just downloaded and three-starred the new Angry Birds Free update. It’s three brand new levels. Kind of a random update, but I’ll take it. None of the levels seemed very hard, but challenging enough.

    By Dan

    What’s the 3-star score for AB Free level 5-3? I’ve done 1 & 2 but not 3. I’ve got 82,400 and 2 stars.

    By Dan

    Don’t worry – 91,790 and 3 stars!!

    By SteveJo

    The 3-star minimum appears to be 86,000 on V-3.

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    By Bird Leader (@birdleader)

    Did you check our Almanac?

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    By Bird Leader (@birdleader)

    Nice job! We’ve got the walkthroughs posted already as well.

    By fooxoo

    Are the three extra levels for Christmas and Halloween only on apple products? I got android, I got extra three only for the Valentines …

    By chen

    can’t complete mission1

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    By Bird Leader (@birdleader)

    Did you check out our Poached Eggs walkthroughs?

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