Angry Birds Free Updated with 3 New Levels

We woke up to a nice surprise this morning. Angry Birds Free edition has been updated and includes 3 brand new levels. We’ve already finished the walkthroughs for them, which we’ve linked to below for easy access. Enjoy!

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    By cams

    Level 4-2 has been fixed.
    You now need about 80000 for 3 stars now.

    Rank: Sling God with 30705 points
    By Bird Leader (@birdleader)


    By jlo

    GOOD!!! finally 91k and 1 star was bull

    By Stephanie

    Hi, I can’t seem to find this update. It doesn’t appear in my new apps list. Is there something I’m missing?


    By Dan

    Try searching for it in the app store and re-download it. That should do it.

    By Stephanie

    Ok. It’s the Free version vs. Angry Birds Lite or Seasons.

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    By Superjustinbros (@superjustinbros)

    For Level 5-3, it says 5-1 in the post.

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    By Moe (@christophermorrison5)

    I posted this in the wrong place before. Now I understand the “V” on YouTube and Facebook. Stupid Romans

    By lore

    So are these levels exclusive to the free app or are they included in the regular, paid one? I deleted the free one ages ago…

    Rank: Pig Leader with 11200 points
    By FujiToast (@fujitoast)

    Some of the free levels are exclusive, yes.

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