Angry Birds Rio Strawberry #10 Walkthrough Level 19 (14-4)

This video shows you how to get the strawberry that is hidden in Angry Birds Rio Market Mayhem Level 19 (14-4). The bush under the slingshot platform is labeled, and you have exactly one Boomerang bird to reach it. You can try either direction, but we think going forward is easier since you will definitely always see the bird. Keep in mind that the Boomerang bird will travel nearly perfectly horizontally on its way back if you fire him close to horizontal.

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By Cap'n Phealy

Actually, if you drop the White Bird’s bomb right away, you can get the strawberry. Much easier, IMO.

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By wrw01 (@wrw01)

Did the same strategy with the white bird and was able to get the strawberry. A lot easier than using the boomerang bird.

By Wenster

Got lucky! Aimed the first red bird at the floating sandbar to clear the monkey and the blocks. Sent the white bird flying along the same plane as the floating bridge, just above and bombs away! The dead white bird bounced up and off of the tent to fly backward just right into the bushes to hit the strawberry!

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