Angry Birds Rio Smugglers Plane Update Now Available

The latest update to the Angry Birds Rio (v1.4.0) is now available for iOS, Nokia, PC, and Android via the Amazon AppStore and Android Market, with other platforms coming soon. As the leaked images showed, this update takes place inside of Marcel’s plane and is aptly named, “Smugglers’ Plane”. The leaderboard and walkthroughs are live.

This update includes:

  • 15 new levels in Chapter 11 with Chapter 12 labeled, “Coming Soon”.
  • New hidden fruits in the form of Mangoes (seven hidden throughout Chapter 11).
  • New achievements to be unlocked (iOS only). Many are “hidden” achievements, so be sure to check out our list.
  • Boomerang Bird is now unlocked and he is ready to take his revenge on the smugglers!
  • Pro tip! Try to hit the luggage. It’s worth 5,000 points!

Bug fixes:

  • The most notable bug fix is the Carnival Upheaval 8-5 threshold bug (iOS only). The minimum 3-star score has been re-confirmed at 65,000.
  • The current status of the Stellarvore issue has been verified by a Rovio developer. He said, “Stellarvore will be available when all the levels are released and available :)”.

Helpful links:

  • Video walkthroughs for Chapter 11 are live.
  • Video walkthroughs for Golden Mangoes are available.
  • The leaderboards are live, so come compete with some of the best! Also, let us know how you like the new leaderboard format!

We will keep this post updated the update lands on more platforms. But for now, please enjoy these complimentary screenshots:

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    Comments (242)

    Does anyone know when they will update Rio free?

    Kartflyer says:

    They’d most likely update free when Rio is finished, an update away.

    Corage says:

    can somebody help me, my update button is missing in all of my angry birds version, I don’t know the file missing, even tried to uninstall and download a new version, still the update button does not appear, any help will be much appreciated, thanks! :)

    What device are you playing on?

    Corage says:

    tnx for the reply, I’m playing on windows

    There is no update button on PC. When an update is available, you should be alerted via a popup. If not, you can manually update by downloading the new executable file from the Angry Birds site.

    Corage says:

    Oh I see that’s why, tnx again! :D

    Trevor says:

    Any idea when episode 12 will be released?

    No, Rovio does not release information about future updates and releases.

    Trevor says:

    Then what are your preferences… I see that some posts say, (blank) COMING SOON?

    Not sure what you are asking.

    Also, please use the “reply” buttons to keep threads intact.

    Trevor says:

    For example, it said in one post, Wreck The Halls coming soon (leaked images). Where Do u getthe information?

    Rarely Rovio will announce an update in advance (such as the Birdday update). Other than that, we stay vigilant and watch for leaks and things of that nature. Can’t be more specific than that though.

    Trevor says:

    OH! OK thanks just wondering :-)

    Austin says:

    hey slim, was i the first on this website to announce the Rio update for PC today?

    Morph416 says:

    Don’t know if anyone will see this, so I will post on a newer thread, but Rio version 1.4.0 is available from Rovio.

    Morph416 says:

    Sorry… for the PC.

    iamMighty says:

    Its already been posted and updated

    Who thinks that Angry Birds Rio will be finished this year? I don’t think it will be finished in 2011. Or will rovio pulls another surprise and we get another update in December. This month has recieved the most updates than any other months!

    Jake says:

    you can only play the green bird for one level :(

    higgins says:

    Honestly, that’s even too much cause green bird sucks in all respects! ;)

    makol says:

    Update is now available for PC. :)

    Kartflyer says:

    The post already states it’s available for PC.

    adrian says:

    when does the next update will happen

    Santa Bird says:

    I have symbian phone, but i dont have that upgrade.

    Our logs show that Rio v1.4.0 was released for Symbian & Nokia on 22 Nov.

    Laurence says:

    Orange bird in Rio!

    Kartflyer says:

    Is it here? Don’t have time to check yet…

    Laurence says:

    Update not released yet, but there’s an image (screenshot here that shows the orange bird. I would have thought the update would be out soon now!

    Kartflyer says:

    Thanks for the heads-up Laurence!

    I feel the update is really, really near though… now orange bird fans would have assurance that it would be ready to take vengeance on those smugglers! :)

    Great job!

    Likewise, Rovio has changed their Facebook picture to Rio, so that’s even more evidence to support a Rio update coming soon :)

    well now the picture is about year of the dragon.

    dinoflap says:

    Hey, when I’m looking images in angry birds folder, there an image spoiler for the ending story,
    The three birds red, blue, and yellow were on the plane about to crash to their island
    Then some pigs have found their eggs and they heard a plane crash and run behind a rock
    The birds came out the plane and they back to their eggs

    I don’t know where Blu and Jewel is..

    dinoflap says:

    I meant in pc

    Yes, we have seen this. Should be a fun conclusion!!

    Laurence says:

    From the same folder mentioned above, there’s now a new background and also what appears to be the last trophy for the trophy room.

    Kartflyer says:

    Cool! What’s it look like?

    Laurence says:

    I believe I can say that it will be a propeller

    In this video, Rovio tweaked a scene in Rio to make all the birds angry birds.

    sal9 says:

    Rovio just released Rio update 1.4.2 for iPad.
    15 new levels, plus Globe Bird and a boss fight.

    Kartflyer says:

    Um, are you sure? I just checked the App Store on my iPod and don’t seem to see any new updates…

    sal9 says:

    yes, I’m playing it … SD should be out soon.

    Kartflyer says:

    Awesome to hear! FINALLY!!!! Thanks for sharing, sal9! :)

    Any other cool additions to the game?

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