Angry Birds Rio Rocket Rumble Walkthrough Level #10

Our strategy for Rocket Rumble Level #10 is to send the Blue birds towards the base of the first tower. Then send Stella towards the two rockets, and trigger upon impact. The bubbles should lift one of them, and drop it at the base of the remaining tower. The score in the video below is 120,870.

Hidden Rocket Alert!

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Rank: Boss Hog with 14970 points
By bonneypattycat (@bonneypattycat)Score: 134,840

Since nobody has posted anything yet:

1st bird like video.

2nd bird: Of course, you want to grab both whirly thingies, and without setting them off. Send pink just over the top of both, then activate. It is nice if one falls on each side of the divide.

Rank: Master Slinger with 5680 points
By fenikus (@fenikus)Score: 139,050

Yes, the key to my getting 136K was sending each “whirly thingy” to each side of the divide. Takes a lot of practice, but it’s best for the right “thingy” to fall down the side of the tower on the ground for maximal damage. How the left “thingy” falls decides whether you get good or great score. This level is weird to me though because there were times where almost everything was destroyed and I’d only get mid to high 20s. Certainly my high score visually didn’t look any better than many previous attempts.

Rank: Boss Hog with 13165 points
By birdMeister (@birdmeister)Score: 135,010

I found the best way to avoid premature triggering was to shoot Stella in a high arc and then activate the bubbles just before contact. Most of the time that works, although sometimes the blue one will trigger. The best aim point I found to split them was just slightly to the right of the gap between them. But even with splitting and avoiding triggering, they don’t land right giving average results, so some luck is still needed.

Rank: Gold Flinger with 9325 points
By f91jsw (@f91jsw)Score: 132,950

I found the “opposite” way easier: a fairly flat trajectory that goes just over the fireworks and trigger when she is just over the point between them. Then there is no risk of triggering them.

Rank: Sling God with 20000 points
By Bird Tester (@bird-tester)Score: 136,520

Light lob arc and gently catch Street Wheels before contact works excellent. I was tryed the same but when i sow description and scores I aply few attemp more with +10K to 136.

Rank: Sling God with 43135 points
By comex666 (@comex666)Score: 137,420

yes, like @bonneypattycat thx
the second must grab both whirlly thingies
here a video with 134k:

Rank: Sling God with 65605 points
By wrw01 (@wrw01)Score: 133,140

Thanks @bonneypattycat for the post. Get the red wheel to fall on the outside of the right structure and hit the brown mushroom then bounce to the left gets more damage and points. Fun level to play.

Rank: Master Slinger with 7365 points
By Lark Bunting (@dbecker)Score: 131,650

Same as @f91jsw. The scoring is mysterious. Not sure why the first shot sometimes yields in the 55,000 range and others at 64,000. Obviously, the latter is better. Getting the mushrooms is important.

Rank: Avian Overlord with 15905 points
By Ladybird (@diannas)Score: 135,240

After many flings, I finally nailed it
First bird same as video. But with second bird, Stella picked up only the one left green whirly thingy dropping it to right sending it down to the bottom of the tower (just like in video). But as the green thingy started to do it’s whirling, the right red/orange thingy just rolled over on top of right tower. It sat on top and rode the collapsing tower down, then it triggered at bottom to finish up the rest to the right side including all the mushrooms to very right. I almost hit reset, but waited to see what it would do…..Kind of fun to watch.

My current score of 135k+ was with two birds…..but on the many times where I miss the whirly thingies, I would sometimes sent in the third BB under the rock tunnel (if clear of rock debris) to try to collapse the right tower, several lucky times I did with score around 130k with three birds.

Rank: Sling God with 33900 points
By Dr O'Neski (@steviep147)Score: 136,050

Has anyone had a one birder? I have just seen the right-hand rocket turn right and crash into the right tower. It left one monkey! Maybe this is how the top score was achieved? manu malin unusually has not left any explanation.

Rank: Sling God with 33900 points
By Dr O'Neski (@steviep147)Score: 136,050

Perhaps @sweetp or @meanguy will have an input as they have 139k?

Rank: Sling God with 38690 points
By meanguy (@meanguy)Score: 139,120

@steviep147 (Dr.O’Neski) I’m sorry,but I can’t help.
It’s been a log time since I last played this level. I tried a few flings this morning, but haven’t gotten close to my old score.
I looked at the video by @comex666 & it seems familiar to the way I got my score.
Like most AB levels,the scoring just seems to be random.
Again, sorry!

Rank: Sling God with 33900 points
By Dr O'Neski (@steviep147)Score: 136,050

Thanks for the reply. I believe it is probably a 2 birder as I’ve not had the rocket rumble the tower again 😁

Rank: Sling God with 34455 points
By PeeJayDee27 (@peejaydee27)Score: 134,010

Had just 1 time when the rockets fired to the right @steviep147, when pieces of the right tower toppled onto the palm tree and sent pieces of the trunk to the left, deflecting the rockets when they fired. Didn’t get much extra destruction from it though.
Also had a 1-birder when two blue birdlets went through the gap and broke the glass leg of the right tower. Low scoring though, so probably should have sent a second bird to try and get the spinning wheels to clear up more debris. Trying to repeat it to give this a go but no luck so far.

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