Angry Birds Rio Papaya #6 Walkthrough Level 14 (7-14)

This video shows you how to get the papaya that is hidden in Angry Birds Rio Carnival Upheaval Level 14 (7-14). Zoom out and you’ll see a labeled crate on the far bottom-right side of the level. Use Blu and the White Birds to clear out the top part of the level then fire the Yellow Bird at a very high arc. The angle is difficult to get right, but keep at it and enjoy your spoils!

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    By John

    it is easier to send a white bird right at the top feathers and let him roll off the back of the platform. Don’t drop his egg, just let him fly.

    By Ajay

    this box is not there in my game even after zoom out. there is no such box…

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    By AMslimfordy (@amslimfordy)

    It’s there, it may just be off screen.

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    By beaujack (@beaujack)

    Thanks. It’s hard on us Android proles to follow the light.

    By pEaCe

    Thanks John you are right the roll off the top platform was much easier

    By Sara

    The white bird rolling off worked first time, wish I had looked here sooner!!

    By Macgyvercat

    Having the blue bird knock over the wood worked for me.

    By bouncer


    By Martac

    Same here! Blue bird’s debris is a much simpler method

    By jessmess

    wow, the white bird worked realllllllly well….

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    By KoSmOs (@kosmos)

    Thanks man! Tried the trick as in the video for hours!!! Worked first time with the white!

    By bohemianbirder

    how can you get the white bird to fall off? it keeps bouncing back for me

    By tyler

    The blue hired aimed at top feathers and let the thin long piece of wood and a short piece of wood fall on it!

    By kenzie

    It is not labeled for me here either..

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    By AMslimfordy (@amslimfordy)

    Re: BirdLeader’s comment:

    If you don’t see the labeled crate you may have already gotten it and just didn’t notice the fruit pop up.

    Be sure you are looking in the same location as shown in the video.

    By DzGuidette

    Scored:76860 points! Used the blue bird shot it between the 2nd&3rd row it knocked the whole top layer and 2set of marmosets. Took the white bird aimed it to remIning one marmoset on sec row it topped over hitting the one next to balloons. The last white bird hit the last remaining marmosets and balloons…never used the yellow!

    By Txagcook

    has anyone else had a problem on an ipad with the yellow birds not flying high?
    I was finally able to ge the papaya with the white bird, but the yellow bird wouldn’t go nearly high enough. I’ve had the same problem on other levels.

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    By AMslimfordy (@amslimfordy)

    Trigger the speed boost VERY early on.

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    By bjjaz (@bjjaz)

    Has anyone tried shooting the white bird barely backwards and arc-ing it over?

    By Sharmax

    The white bird rollover took me a few tries, but it sure worked!

    By john

    An easier solution is to fling the blue bird and take out the top tier of monkeys – if you’re lucky, a couple of pieces of wood will fall on the box and you’re done!

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