Angry Birds Rio Demo from SXSW

Thanks to @RZIII in the forum to tipping us off to this Angry Birds Rio demo. This is truly the first glimpse of the game in action, including menus, themes, and more. This is demo shot from a handheld camera (not a screencast or production), so the actual game play footage isn’t great, but if you’re looking forward to Angry Birds Rio this is a must see.

I have to say, after watching this, I am finally starting to exited.

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By RLZIII (@rlziii)

I’m excited too. I wasn’t sure what to expect when they announced the game, and the very small amount of information from Rovio about it made me skeptical. But after seeing the screenshots, trailer, and now this video throughout the last few days, I’m pretty psyched. Another 99 cents that will be well spent and two more icons (if you include ABRF) to go into my Angry Birds folder. Rovio found how to make mobile gaming work for the masses and still make a hell of a profit.

By Tyler

I apologize if he said it in the video but my computer has no sound. haha. But from looking at the screen around 1:55 the different sections are labeled by months. Are they only going to release a few levels per month until november and then be done with it?

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By FujiToast (@fujitoast)

Those were dates of when to expect new episodes, I believe.

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By canor123 (@canor123)

I don’t think they’ll be done with it that easy. They would problably add 2nd page for it. And specially I saw a new bird! I dont know which second but there’s a bird that flies all the way at the boss fight.

By BradNapier

ZOMG! i just now noticed that! I think it is a NEW BIRD! Im thinking that it looks like its the blue bird they show sitting with the red one in this picture…


Actually that’s one of the main characters of the movie, Rio.

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By canor123 (@canor123)

ıts name is blu and that’s our new bird

By Aalim Chin

Only available for Android exclusively at launch? Did I hear that right? Me and my iPod touch will be sad if thats true!

By BradNapier

March 22nd it will be in the Apple App Store, I’m pretty positive.

By Aalim Chin

Yeah I hope so!

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By bradnapier (@bradnapier) here is a tweet from Rovio that confirms that Angry Birds Rio will be on the app store on the 22nd

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By Shireen(AngryTech) (@shireen1993)

Well, the design looks great and I love the fact that it’s not pigs and it’s bird cages instead.. it makes much more sense seeing the video =D

By cams

Other game developers had no idea when their app or updates will be approved. So how does Rovio know that Rio will come out at 22?
Whatever the reason is, it’s nearly time :D

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By Bird Leader (@birdleader)

True, but most other companies don’t have the clout, success and $$$ that Rovio and Fox are bringing to the table.

By mayli

angry birds rio is now available on app store, lets free the birds and get them monkeys ! yay

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