Angry Birds Rio Banana Walkthrough Level 19 (4-4)

This video shows you how to get the hidden banana in level 19 (4-4). Zoom out and you’ll see a banana hanging below the left side of the platform. Shot a bird backwards and bounce it off the hidden rock so that it rebounds and hits the banana.

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    By Sue

    Has anyone gotten the fake TNT labeled box next to the mushroom? It looks like the cardboard boxes from Smuggler’s Den but says TNT, so I’m sure there is something interesting in it…I’ve tried and tried but can’t get anything to bounce into it.

    By choko

    yep, there is nothing to it.

    By MoniMe

    Drop the blue birds down that gap between the two buildings and you’ll get it. It isn’t hard.

    By Lauren

    It’s frustrating to me when getting the hidden fruit is basically just “luck” – when we can’t even see the rock we’re trying to hit, it’s not so much a challenge as just doing it enough times to finally hit whatever is over there in just the right way. I prefer getting eggs/fruit when I have to figure out how to use my birds strategically to capture the item.

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    By wrw01 (@wrw01)

    Interesting comment because I can see the rock to hit on an iPad after zooming out.

    By shirllicious

    Does anyone know if you can zoom on an andriod phone? I can’t figure it out so have to keep guessing where I am aiming. Thanks in advance.

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