Angry Birds Lotus F1 Team Mini-Game Released on Facebook

We announced last week that the Angry Birds would be partnering with Finnish Formula One racer Heikki Kovalainen in a brand new web-based app scheduled to launch in mid-June. Today, it seems we have a little preview of this app courtesy of the Lotus F1 Team — an official “Angry Partner”. These levels are only available on Facebook, but you don’t need to “Like” anything if you don’t want to — though it wouldn’t hurt to throw the Lotus Team a bone if you enjoy the levels!

To play, simply head over to the Lotus F1 Team Facebook Page and click on the “Angry Birds” icon (The Lotus Team was even nice enough to include an arrow to help direct you, for the not-so-Facebook-savvy.). There are three very fun levels included in this mini-game, one of which is quite challenging.

As always, if you need help checkout our Lotus F1 Team walkthrough videos!

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By cozetter

Love F1. Attained high score and retained it. Never lost it, of course I was logged into facebook.

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