Angry Birds Friends Tournament Level 6 Week 71 – September 23rd 2013

Walkthrough video and strategy for Angry Birds Friends on Facebook Tournament Level 6 Week 71 which began the week of September 23rd, 2013. Our non power-up strategy for this level is to fling Bomb Bird into the first tower. Then use two birds to destroy the main structure. Finally, send Matilda into the right tower to clear the level. The score in the video below 125,940.

Our Angry Birds Friends Tournament walkthroughs show you how to obtain 3 stars and highscores with and without Power Ups. If you have a different strategy feel free to leave a comment below; however, don't just post your score via the comments. Tournament walkthroughs are added weekly as new levels come out, so be sure to check the walkthrough page.

Are you looking for help beyond this weeks tournament? You have an idea, or need a challenge? Be sure to check our Angry Birds Friends Forum.

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Comments (34)

Rank: Sling God with 56100 points
By Terribletom (@terribletom)

black bird to near upper tower. KS/SS Wingman, to take out middle structure. Follow up with Black Bird (if needed) to take out far right upper tower. 159K

Rank: Sling God with 56100 points
By Terribletom (@terribletom)

Just retried this level, brought most of middle structure down to the left with initial black bird. SS/KS Wingman, and too out rest, flying debris took out TNT and pigs on far right tower. 171k!!

Rank: Out of this World with 2910 points
By FreaK (@dclxvi)Score: 184,550

Same strategy but much better score :) 181K with 3 birds.

Near perfect destruction… I was very lucky both with WM and last BB.

Rank: Master Slinger with 6270 points
By joaoryo (@joaoryo)

My strategy for 164K points with power ups. Black bird KS, wigman SS and then black bird:

Rank: Master Slinger with 5595 points
By Nitro (@nitro)Score: 182,690

with your strategy, I was able to get 170,220
Thanks Mate! :)

Rank: Flinger with 60 points
By killallpigz (@ibirkic)Score: 154,770

No PU. Used all birds. BB into first tower, WB and BB destroy the middle section and the last WB egg destroys whats left of the middle structure and launches the corpse into right tower. 154K

Rank: Master Slinger with 7455 points
By sasilik (@sasilik)Score: 156,710

156,710 with similar strategy

Rank: Gold Flinger with 8745 points
By xpogi (@xpogi)Score: 179,760

Used all birds with KS + a SS WM.
1st black to the middle of left tower
1st white to the right tower
2nd black to the left of the middle structure
2nd white to the remains of the right tower
+ SS WM to sweep through the debris, almost total destruction, 174k

Rank: Explosive with 2220 points
By Lojo (@lorendajamesao)Score: 145,600

No power-ups 145,600. BB to middle structure first, cleaning up most of it. WB high over first structure and detonate once low over remains of second structure, cleaning up most of it and last structure. BB forward into first structure.

Rank: Gold Flinger with 9020 points
By Steinbird (@steinbird)Score: 142,610

Yes this was my preferred method, not highest scores but always 3* no PU

Rank: DaBomb with 420 points
By Revol (@revol)

No PU’s, All birds: 137.040K

By Vasco Pinto

150 000 same strategy!
last bird must push also some stones backwards to clean the glass in the ground behind!
It’s all about timing the bird to hit more in the middle!

Rank: Fling King with 4005 points
By AKM (@kris122)Score: 165,100

PC, no PU, 2 birds 165.100
First bird to first tower, tower fall so that it takes middle tower left side down also, even crowned pig got killed.
Second bird dropped bomb on middle tower debris and after leaving the “scene” hit the right tower bringing own TNT

Rank: Flinger with 0 points
By TienShenLong (@)Score: 161,430

There is a very tricky aiming for the 1st bird. You sling aiming for the central structure but hit only the pig on the nearest tower. Black bird will land on central and must reach the 2nd lvl of stone structure from above to detonate.
Very difficult shot but I’ve got 108K with it… The left tower (half of it) falls both sides and take out lower left ice pig… black detonate and make central struct. to slide to left killing the big pig, detonating the TNT on the pig’s right… left only the base stones there… and that TNT cleared the right lower pig and ice blocks. Is there a variant. You can detonate black over the left tower pig, or below… under the stone, breaking into the tower… the options: debris (the small squares on top) fall over central tower clearing the wood triangles and, if lucky, the stone blocks from tower will break the lower left stone pilar of central tower… Taking this pilar out made roll all structure to the left. Also the same debris could hit the right upper TNT making fall both sides… and taking out the right pit pig too.
Lot of variants to put here but this is one lvl that have multiple and interesting combinations…
Another one: Black bird into left tower… through the lower wood brick… when in the middle, boom. I managed to get 1 birdie with this one many times… but low score always… 70-90K aprox… and the way are distributed the remains could made unworhty the use of other birds… but maybe you have lucky.

Rank: Avian Overlord with 16240 points
By Makin Bakin (@dseufert)Score: 185,700

@tienshenlong 谢谢你的战略。我能够提高我的得分点多了! (on an iPad) –muK :)

Rank: Flinger with 0 points
By TienShenLong (@)Score: 161,430

So glad this was useful.

Rank: Master Slinger with 7320 points
By bambenio (@bambenio)Score: 183,240

@JodelsonPowerUp don’t u post video’s usually
if not care to share how

Rank: Avian Overlord with 16240 points
By Makin Bakin (@dseufert)Score: 185,700

Yes, JodelsonPowerUp @jodelson2 Very nice score! Please post your strat and share screenshots or videos, if yo have any. Otherwise, just a description of your strat posted here would be great! Thanks! Many of us would like to know how you scored so well. Nice score, once again. Please share! –muK :)

Rank: Champion with 3765 points
By JodelsonPowerUp (@jodelson2)Score: 186,530

Not impossible… look Bobafett’s estrategy

Rank: Champion with 3765 points
By JodelsonPowerUp (@jodelson2)Score: 186,530

but… here is –>>

Rank: Champion with 3935 points
By BobaFett (@bobafett)

BobaFett is back with 3-birds strategy Score 186,030


Enjoy! :)

Rank: Sling God with 56100 points
By Terribletom (@terribletom)

Great Score @bobafett!! Great video, thanks for sharing!!

Rank: Sling God with 56100 points
By Terribletom (@terribletom)

If the Tournament ever comes back online, I’ll have to give it a shot!! Again, great shooting!!

Rank: Fling King with 4110 points
By iBird (@ibird)

Nice video & Awesome score @BobaFett :)
I got 171k on 5-10 tries using same method.

Rank: Master Slinger with 6085 points
By Stupot (@f2sc)Score: 180,460

Awesome @bobafett Thanks for sharing :-)

Rank: Master Slinger with 5595 points
By Nitro (@nitro)Score: 182,690

It’s amazing what a difference it makes the order of the shots.
I was doing the first and second birds reverse order and got 170k
Doing it your way makes a huge difference… after 3 tries, I got up to 182,690
Thanks Mate :)

Rank: Avian Overlord with 16240 points
By Makin Bakin (@dseufert)Score: 185,700

Nice score! @bobafett As you know, the birds’ behaviors are different on PC and mobile. I developed a strat on iPad that has potential of big scores like your strat (see post below).

Rank: Master Slinger with 7320 points
By bambenio (@bambenio)Score: 183,240

good one

Rank: Out of this World with 2910 points
By FreaK (@dclxvi)Score: 184,550

182k using your method:)

Rank: Gold Flinger with 8300 points
By Dmitri (@dmitri)Score: 186,560

186,560 using the same strategy:

Rank: Avian Overlord with 16240 points
By Makin Bakin (@dseufert)Score: 185,700

On an iPad Mini, thanks to many strats by many people who posted above, I developed the following 3-bird strat:

1) Lob BB toward intersection of horizontal stone beam, the vertical stone beam, and vertical wooden beam near the top of the first structure. Manually detonate BB, when it just touches and before it starts to drop, so that it blows the debris toward the second structure. A tough shot. Takes many attempts to get aiming and timing of detonation in synch to maximize the debris “push.” With a lot of luck, most of the first structure will have been destroyed, the TNT in the first pit will have exploded, and, most importantly, most of the left side of the middle structure will have collapsed, or at least have been significantly weakened. If not, consider a reset and try again. Score after first bird should be at least 40k+ or upwards of 70k, or even more;

2) WM+SS+KS. “Sweep” the top of the first platform to destroy as much remaining debris as possible without bouncing WM off the platform. Loaded WM will proceed and “roll” through the middle structure, then fall into the right pit, killing that pig and destroying the ice there. Score after second bird should be at least 130k, or more;

3) Aim BB toward the wooden triangle near the base of the third structure. There is a “sweet spot” where the BB should land, which, when manually or self-detonated, should take out the entire third structure. With a little luck, the TNT will fly back to the center and take out any remaining debris there. Score after third bird should be at least 150k+ plus one bird left in the quiver! for a total score exceeding 160k on most attempts. The highest scores will have almost no debris left over, if any at all.

I got a 1-bird once on this level but got so surprised that I didn’t know what to do next before the level timed out! Hehe… Too much debris leftover despite clearing all pigs. Oh, well. A 2-bird seems possible, but I haven’t had one yet. Came close several times, though, when debris from loaded WM flew up into the third structure.

One of my favorite levels this week because there are so many ways to score above average and is well-matched between PC and mobile devices. Otherwise, this week seems to favor PC on all other levels, I think. Enjoy! –muK :)

By Doug Gibson

Score 169140 with no Powerups. Video at

Rank: Master Slinger with 5595 points
By Nitro (@nitro)Score: 182,690

That IS amazing Doug .. Well Done!!

By Doug Gibson

Thanks! My sister challenged me on Monday by saying if she won any level of this week’s tournament it would be this level. Challenge was met, me thinks.

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