Angry Birds Friends Tournament Level 3 – Week 25 – November 5th

Walkthrough video and strategy for Angry Birds Friends on Facebook Tournament Level #3 Week 25 (this tournament began the week of November 5th, 2012). Our strategy for this level is to fling the bomb bird low into the left tower. Detonate on impact to weaken the left hand side of the bottom right tower. Now lob a white bird up and drop the egg bomb into the gap between the two top towers. With a little luck they’ll collapse in on themselves and the falling debris will take out the weakened bottom tower as well. The score in the video is 117,770.

This is a repeat of level 2 from week 14, so feel free to check that post for additional walkthroughs strategies. You’re also welcome to post new ones here.

Our Angry Birds Friends Tournament walkthroughs show you how to obtain 3 stars and highscores with and without Power Ups. If you have a different strategy feel free to leave a comment below; however, don't just post your score via the comments. Tournament walkthroughs are added weekly as new levels come out, so be sure to check the walkthrough page.

Are you looking for help beyond this weeks tournament? You have an idea, or need a challenge? Be sure to check our Angry Birds Friends Forum.

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Comments (13)

By eggomaniac

great strat , fun to watch,,, [the bomb on a high arc can only 3 bird]

Rank: Flinger with 95 points
By Angry Joe (@angryjoes)

120k same strategy. Could maybe get another 10k on top if everything went perfect I think.

Rank: Fling King with 4415 points
By Congo (@congo)Score: 124,850

I haven’t looked back at the old levels, but I remember that the trick was very quickly following one of the birds so that the debris from the top destroyed most of the bottom part.

Rank: Fling King with 4415 points
By Congo (@congo)Score: 124,850

This is my proof and strategy for more than 120K:
First shot: black bird must hit the base of the upper tower, in a way that it remains there until it explodes.
Second shot: very, very quickly you must KS and throw the white bird. The objective is to have all the wood in the middle so it is destroyed by the debris falling from above.
Third bird: SS white bird and pray you destroy as much as possible…

Rank: Fling King with 4415 points
By Congo (@congo)Score: 124,850

This is proof of 124850. Same strategy, just better execution:
I had my doubts about the 127 somebody posted, but now I am not so sure.

Rank: Flinger with 95 points
By Angry Joe (@angryjoes) I don’t use powerups, but I would assume if you use a poweup for the first shot with BB like in my vid you could get ~130k

Rank: Fling King with 4415 points
By Congo (@congo)Score: 124,850

@angryjoes, thanks. I tried that one last time around, but I always had problem destroying enough wood. In any case, I will give it a try and report back. Thanks again for the video!

Rank: Fling King with 4415 points
By Congo (@congo)Score: 124,850

@angryjoes I tried, but the powerups do not seem to bring anything into it. Do you manage to repeat it every time? or the result varies a lot depending on luck?

Rank: Master Slinger with 6085 points
By Stupot (@f2sc)Score: 122,030

No Power-up’s, same strat as top vid :-)

Rank: Shooter with 835 points
By Lupetus (@lupekani)Score: 121,240

Thanks, I do this without KS, but its worked. 121k

Rank: Master Slinger with 7320 points
By bambenio (@bambenio)Score: 120,080

yup thats it
tryed the other method
no luck

Rank: Gold Flinger with 8180 points
By cheri3 (@cheri3)Score: 123,420

I did it just like in the video only I got lucky and both of the bottom ones fell with the first black bird and then the white bird got the ones on top i got 121,190, I did not use any power ups.

Rank: Fling King with 4240 points
By kingisland99762 (@kingisland99762)Score: 114,710

It is possible to take out all four pigs on the bottom with one well placed shot and explode the bomb just as it starts to hit the left wooden structure.

Then use the white bird to place an egg in between and take out the rest. It’s hard to do, but it can be done with lots of practice and patience’s

I’ve only done it once, but I know it can be done again, just keep on trying and you can finish this one with 2 birds.

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