Angry Birds Friends Tournament Level 3 Week 134 Walkthrough | December 8th 2014

Below you will find our Highscore Power-up and non Power-up walkthrough videos for Angry Birds Friends on Facebook Tournament Level #3 Week 134.

3-Star Walkthrough – Score: 179,940

Our non power-up strategy for this level is send the yellow bird into the boulder. Then drop the orange bird into the pigs on the right. Then clear the remaining pigs on the right with Matilda.

Power-up Walkthrough – Score: 188,690

Our power-up highscore strategy for this level uses the following Power-ups:

  • Golden Sling
  • The Wingman
  • Power Potion

Our Angry Birds Friends Tournament walkthroughs show you how to obtain 3 stars and highscores with and without Power Ups. If you have a different strategy feel free to leave a comment below; however, don't just post your score via the comments. Tournament walkthroughs are added weekly as new levels come out, so be sure to check the walkthrough page.

Are you looking for help beyond this weeks tournament? You have an idea, or need a challenge? Be sure to check our Angry Birds Friends Forum.

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Comments (20)

Rank: Sling God with 55200 points
By Terribletom (@terribletom)Score: 184,430

Jingle Sling-No P/U’s Yellow bird to wood triangle, holding the stone balls. Orange bird to top wood. White bird to lower middle pit. Green bird up and over to bring back to lower right side. 173k

Rank: Shooter with 975 points
By andrius (@andrius)

thanks for strategy. 192k with jingle sling and 2 birds

Rank: Gold Flinger with 7675 points
By jodelson (@jodelson)Score: 191,700

191,700 No Power Up, No Special Sling PC ->

yellow bird like video, but the rock ball falls in right size.

second bird above the glass structure, next to the wood triangle in middle structure. inflate manually

white bird to the rest.

Rank: Deputized with 235 points
By RyszardZ (@ryszardz)

Same method for 193,400

Rank: DaBomb with 360 points
By tomas.kadlec.522 (@tomas-kadlec-522)Score: 199,970

199,970, gold sling, woods blocks up first, then left blocks of glass and then glass in center….

Rank: DaBomb with 360 points
By mm (@martin-mix-9)Score: 206,400

For what it’s worth, this level is a lot easier (as are levels four and five I believe) on the desktop version as opposed to the mobile (Android) version. I worked my tail off to get to 176k on mobile even with PUs, but on my laptop I was able to get 192,530 in a dozen or so tries. I think the 6th level may actually be easier on mobile, but I can’t say for sure. Anyway, for those of you who can, give at least level 3 a try on your PC if you’re having trouble on your Android device.

By Angryjbird

I agree. Much harder level on your phone. I came out here to see if there was any strategy where it didn’t involve hitting the top center with the Yellowbird first. I have not been successful getting the stone Boulder to move after hundreds of tries. I just finally got a 180 K, and I still rank 28th.

Rank: Champion with 3765 points
By JodelsonPowerUp (@jodelson2)Score: 212,210

205,980 PU PC ->

Rank: Pig Leader with 11440 points
By Gigee (@gwenemark)Score: 195,400

I got 195k using this :) thank you

Rank: Master Slinger with 5545 points
By tntbomb (@ghazal1)

no power 183.370k

1 _ Send a bird chuck to the top of the tower
2 _ Send a bird bubbles Introduction cave
3 _ Send a bird matilda Introduction cave

power up 208.150 k

1 _ using the unique tree slingshot and power potion and king sling
2 _ Send a bird wingman upper tower
3 _ Send a bird bubbles into the cave
4 _ Send a bird matilda Introduction cave

Rank: Gold Flinger with 9020 points
By Steinbird (@steinbird)Score: 207,940

Thanks you, @ghazal1 !

Rank: DaBomb with 360 points
By mm (@martin-mix-9)Score: 206,400

Ditto, thank you. This got me 203k. Much appreciated.

Rank: Master Slinger with 5400 points
By Greilich (@greilich)Score: 202,840

Thanks man – got me 199k!

Rank: Master Slinger with 5700 points
By anasx (@anasx)

221 k is the highest score now in my list ?

Rank: Boss Hog with 13165 points
By birdMeister (@birdmeister)

Moving the boulder with YB is not going to happen with my Android tablet. Most of the time it just bounces off and takes out the wood and piggies. A few times, the boulder moved either right or left for a very small amount.

The kicker is, I came up with an alternate strategy that reqiures all 5 birds and my highest score is 20 points less that 3 stars.

Rank: DaBomb with 360 points
By mm (@martin-mix-9)Score: 206,400

Yeah, my Android phone is the same way. On a PC it moves a lot better and the white bird takes out all the pigs under the far glass!

Rank: Out of this World with 2785 points
By Eddie (@eddiemazza)

Have to say iphone is the same way i get the boulder to smash through and roll to right maybe once every 15-20 tries it gets pretty tiring

Rank: Out of this World with 2785 points
By Eddie (@eddiemazza)

On top of the fact that when you do get it to roll most of the time you dont get destruction of the right side pretty disheartening

Rank: Gold Flinger with 8300 points
By Dmitri (@dmitri)Score: 214,840

Video for 214,840:

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