Angry Birds Epic “Under The Cloud of Night” Event – Nov 2015

Angry Birds Epic

Angry Birds Epic “Under The Cloud of Night” Event

The Ninja Pigs are invading Piggy Island in another Angry Birds Epic event called “Under The Cloud of Night”. Similar to past events, you will battle the Ninja Pigs and it will be a great way to earn Snoutlings and Mastery Points.

The Event:

  • Battles: Three types of battles to choose from (easy – medium – hard) accessible via gates throughout the main map.
  • Collectibles: Tap the Lotus flowers to receive special gifts.
  • Reward: 1,500 Mastery points and Snoutlings

If anyone here has more info, a strategy or general thoughts please share them in the comments below.

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    Comments (3)

    Rank: Gold Flinger with 8375 points
    By Sonnykero (@sonnykero)

    Hardest event ever! I hate the ‘Master Chi’ pig, It always deals alot of damage to your birds, and even dispell your effects

    Rank: Sling God with 30000 points
    By Joey (@joeyba)

    again this event!
    no so hard if u chose the right combination!

    Rank: Well Traveled with 1635 points
    By Alugia (@alugia)

    Th hard event battles are HARD. Just got crushed because there is always a shogun (mega damage and crtical buff) and almost always a master ninja (high damage and dispells).

    The lotus flowers are helpful, and here is what ive ever got out of them:

    Event medals (up to 45)
    Snoutlings (up to 50)
    Stanima drink
    XP potion

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