Angry Birds Epic Soft Launch Out Now: Check Out Our Hands on First Look at Actual Gameplay

The soft-launch of Rovio’s first RPG, Angry Birds Epic, is now available for iOS in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. At this time we don’t know when it will roll out to any other countries, but you can be sure Nesters will be some of the first to know. The worldwide release will add support for Android and Windows 8 Phones.

iOS compatibility requires iOS 6.0 or higher, but that seems to be the only real requirement — though Rovio notes that 4th generation iPod Touch is not currently supported. Otherwise, the app is optimized for iPhone 5x and all that good stuff!

So, with that out of the way, we here at the Nest have downloaded Angry Birds Epic and the above video gives you a first hand look at the actual gameplay. You literally can watch as we launch and play the game for the first time.

At first glance, the basic gameplay is easy enough to understand, but it will be difficult to master — especially for those not used to playing RPGs (you can include me in this list). Once again, the piggies have stolen the eggs from our favorite feathery friends. Starting with only the Red Bird, you must defeat the pigs in turn-based battles to retrieve stolen goods.

Each bird seems to have three abilities on any given turn: an attack, a defense, and a special “Rage Chili” attack. Hold down on any character (bird or pig) to see details about these abilities.

The objective is clear:

Knock out all piggies, but you must keep at least one bird standing! As an additional challenge, try to earn three stars on each level (Yes! Rovio is absolutely keeping a three-star format!). The more stars earned, the more prizes you win on the “Roll for Loot”. These items will be used to upgrade your birds.

So, what do you think? Eager to play? Let us know below.

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Helpful gameplay Tips Straight from Epic!

  • Most resources and ingredients can be crafted from lessor ones
  • Scrap your old unwanted equipment for bonus resources
  • Each weapons and off-hand item has a passive bonus ability
  • Use the Rage Chili wisely
  • Collect both items of an equipment set to gain a unique and incredible powerful set bonus!
  • Sign in with Rovio Account to share your game progress across multiple devices
  • Gain all three stars to gain more loot
  • At least one bird must survive to win a battle
  • Try different bird combos. There is a trick to any fight!
  • Fill up the Rainbow Bar of your Golden Pig Machine for a guaranteed set item!
  • Visit Professor Pig’s lab regularly to get more powerful recipes
  • Off-hand items increase a bird’s health
  • Weapons increase a bird’s attack power, and thus the damage dealt by all of their skills
  • Tap and hold on any character during battle to read their abilities
  • Friendship Essence is uses to re-roll stuff
  • Get more powerful equipment from the Golden Pig machine
  • Ask your friends once a day for free Friendship Essence
  • Change a bird’s class (headgear) to change its battle abilities
  • Pig Gates can be opened with Pig Key of a similar color
  • Wave battles contain multiple battles
  • Drag the full Rage Chili
  • Upgrade your Magic Anvil or Cauldron to roll more stars!
  • Tap and hold anything for explanations
  • Some pigs have peculiar passive abilities
  • Tap a bird to use its supporting skill on itself
  • Complete Friendship Gates to unlock bonus areas and items
  • There is a unique dungeon for each day of the week
  • Visit your friends camps for free rolls on their Golden Pigs machine
  • Tap and hold a blueprint or recipe to see the required materials to build it
  • Combat in this game is turn based. You can only give orders during your turn
  • Completing a daily dungeon will reward you with a huge amount of Snoutlings
  • Visit Mighty Eagle’s training dojo to upgrade your birds’ classes
  • Open Friendship Gates to unlock bonus areas and items.
  • … Are we missing any? Leave a comment below.
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Comments (308)

Rank: Sling God with 36145 points
By Joey (@joeyba)

Does anyone have a complete list of Professor Pig’s Lab items?

Rank: Slinger with 1130 points
By Iman (@ip101634)

Leader board only shows my score and three others, the other eleven scores don’t show, but the names do.
This has happened to me before and on the last day all the scores popped up and I went from number one to number four.
Right now I fell like I am playing by myself, no challenge. Is there a fix for this?

By Shuan

Love the game. However, been having several issues.

– When getting to the end of a daily dungeon. The first attack of the last boss crashes the game. Tested multiple times.
– Friend’s list populates but is inaccessible. Therefore can only use Piggy McCool for friend battle and cannot use daily free roll at friends nest.
– Unlocked the Skull Orb off-hand blueprint. However, it cannot be crafted and does not display the crafting materials.

Kindle Fire HD 2 16GB.

Best regards,

By wumchum

I have the same Skull Orb problem on my galaxy sII.

By Stephen

Angry birds epic crashes at end of ‘loading levels’ on iPad air with latest OS upgrade and game updates

By Kate Williams

Every time i try to collect my free roll on the golden piggy from someone on my friends list the screen changes and i can not clik on anything simular to if i was at a frinds piggy but i can not recieve the free role. Please fix

Rank: Sling God with 26055 points
By sal9 (@sal9)

That happens when you are not playing the same version of the game. That means either your friends, or yourself need to update your app.

By Hana

From 2 days ago my epic birds keeps turning off.
I manage to load everything (on iPhone 4s and iOS 7)
but before I even start any game it shoots down.

Rank: Sling God with 26055 points
By sal9 (@sal9)


1- Clear your multitask bar (Press the Home button twice quickly)
2- Restart your device
3- Make sure your app is up-to-date, running v1.1.1

By Steve

What’s up with the screen freezing and non working free rolls? After the last update, if I use Bomb in the arena, he explodes and just sits there. Does not return. Goes down as a loss because you have to close the program to fix. A new recent freeze is when selecting the fight icon, the screen turns black and another freeze. Close program and another loss. Any help to avoid this again? The new ads don’t work on free rolls.

By danny

there are no birds and the game gets stuck on loading. any idea on how to fix? I have an IPhone 5.

By Danny

Where are the birds. It won’t load the birds

Rank: Flinger with 40 points
By babz (@babznme)

why is Epic resetting after an update?? I have lost my progress twice now after reaching level 16. I play, reach that level, get almost to level 17 and close out. Then when I start to play again I have LOST ALL progress. What is up with that? and can I get my progress back???

By Libby Martinez

When I’m playing this games I don’t know how to exit/close the game.

By Plague doctor

The game on the iPad keeps on crashing every 15 min and has happens to my group to it needs to be fixed

Rank: DaBomb with 375 points
By Ravinda Bulathgama (@ravinda-bulathgama)

Does anybody know how to defeat that brain beating Santa pig. This guy alone is bad enough, But combined with antler pig’s critical strike thingy, is crazy. This one final boss battle is obliterating me. Any suggestions for eating this level? Please some body help!

By William

I created a Rovio account so I could share my gameplay between devices (main reason). However, upon the continuation of gameplay in the arena I noticed a timer on the banner where it shows the tournament results (110 days, as of today it reads 86 days). I cannot for the life of me battle or even check the results of the arena battles let alone move up out of wood league (I was in silver league prior to creating the rovio account). Every device I have done this on, they all do the same thing and if I don’t log into rovio I have to start a level 1 (I am level 32). Any ideas?

By Alex birrueta

My game is glitching out so can you help me on that

By Tianu

The new game version of Angry Birds Epic tries to identify cheaters. Good thing if it worked. But now I’m identified as a cheater and playing does not make sense anymore. I always played fair and square didn’t cheat once (don’t have a clue how to). This way the game will go down. If good players loyal to the game and the gaming community are falsely accused … this is really sad.

I’d think there must be others like me. Informed the game developers but other than an automatic response didn’t happen anything yet. This sucks.

By Jordan (on epic it’s StarWarsGuy267

Ok so I fully completed the Easter event and unlocked the golden pig dungeon, but after the event it wouldn’t let me play it, it was like I never even got it. If anyone knows anything about this please help

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