Angry Birds Mighty Hoax 3 Star Walkthrough: Chapter 4 Levels 8 thru 14

Combined walkthrough video strategy guide for Angry Birds Mighty Hoax Chapter 4 levels 8 through 14. Note, these are our older Mighty Hoax walkthroughs, so comments are now closed. Visit the new walkthrough pages to comment and find/share alternate strategies.

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    Comments (22)

    Rank: Flinger with 0 points
    By big red (@big-red)

    how do i post a video i know a good way to beat seasons greeding in level 20.

    Rank: Sling God with 30725 points
    By Bird Leader (@birdleader)

    Put it on YouTube and let us know the link.

    By Andrew

    Hi ,I’m bit slow when it comes to computer stuff,but how do ppl record there games when ipad etc don’t have screen capture available ,sorry if this is a stupid question ,but any help would be grateful …thanks

    Rank: DaBomb with 435 points
    By jtmaximo (@jtmaximo)

    most people do it on the computer and get a program that can record the screen, when it comes to ipods and phones im not really sure, Video cameras wouldnt work because you would see your fingers

    Rank: Pig Leader with 11200 points
    By FujiToast (@fujitoast)

    I us a jailbreak app called DisplayRecorder.

    Rank: Master Slinger with 5200 points
    By Trev17piano (@tnatiuk17piano)

    I hook up TV out to a camera and put the camera into a computer while capturing video. Usually does great.

    Rank: Master Slinger with 7155 points
    By pjdambra (@pjdambra)

    Level 4-14 is a tough 3 Star level to post very high scores.. 4 precise birds are a must. And a little luck doesn’t hurt here either.. The only variation I have from the video would be to use the blue birds in a more horizontal attack rather than the high arching attack shown in the video. I just feel the direct attack scores more points and leaves better setups for the 2nd bird.. My best here is 91970.. Enough frustration, I’m moving on..

    Rank: Flinger with 5 points
    By mickchev (@mickchev)

    I just revisited 4-14 and now I can fairly consistently do it with three shots. Top score so far of 99010. Which is tantalizingly close to 100,000 — which I also know is achievable, but it would require three perfect shots. And a lot of effort, frustration and luck. 4-14 has been my love-hate relationship for a while now. :)

    Rank: Flinger with 0 points
    By Miltonius (@miltonius)

    4-10. I got 52,400 using only one red bird, isn’t that same as the video’s highscore?

    Rank: Flinger with 0 points
    By Miltonius (@miltonius)

    4-12. I got 95,490 but I messed up on the 2nd to last yellow bird. I used the red one and got the score.

    By Steve

    4-14 is frustrating the hell out of me. I swear I have been on it for a hour and high score is 81909.

    Rank: Flinger with 0 points
    By yagr1 (@yagr1)

    Once again, I don’t think JC Christ’s 18 top scores are realistic. None of them stand out as obviously fake (ie 20k above 2nd place) but simply having 18 top scores out of less than 250 scores entered is extremely unlikely. We all know how hard it is to get 1 top score. 2 is difficult, 3 or 4 near impossible with all the great players on this site…but 18??? Can we please request screen shots on a few of his top scores? Let’s get this site back to what it should be…and honest gauge of where we are compared to other real scores. Thanks! yagr1

    Rank: Flinger with 45 points
    By srduck (@srduck)

    I did 4-9 with 1 bird. I shot it over the tank and bounced it off the wheelstop and into the back of the tank, starting it to roll forward where it eventually crashes into the gun and all 3 pigs die.

    I believe it’s possible to do 4-9 with zero birds. While looking at it and not shooting a bird, the tank rolled forward (similar to what I did with 1 bird) and killed 2 of the 3 pigs. It could have easily killed the 3rd pig.

    By Alex

    yeah, I’ve gotten it with no birds. Sometimes you need to reload the level a few times, as the tank doesn’t always roll forward enough. There was another level in Rio which was similar, where the tower would collapse if you just waited for ten seconds or so.

    Rank: DaBomb with 250 points
    By MomOfTwoInCO (@momoftwoinco)

    Level 4-9; 60,290; 0 birds

    This level is one of the few that can be done with patience and absolutely nothing else. It took me several hundred tries, but once in a while the tank rolls forward enough that it begins to fall apart all on its own. And infrequently when this happens, all three pigs are killed by falling debris.

    This is a good one to do when you’re watching TV or something. Start the level, glance back in 30 seconds and if the tank is stationary, start the level again. Not very sporting, but there aren’t many levels which can be done without firing a shot, so it’s got a uniqueness factor.

    By breeannah

    I did 4-10 with one try. It is the easier level. With a score of 55630

    Rank: Slinger with 1030 points
    By birdvictory (@birdvictory)

    4-14 is the last level I have to get 3 stars on. Definitely the toughest I think.

    Rank: Deputized with 240 points
    By Jonpaul2000 (@jonpaul2000)

    Trick on level 4-12:
    Loop Yellow bird and hit between first and second parts.
    Get lucky
    Score: 112380

    Rank: DaBomb with 425 points
    By redsnivy (@redsnivy)

    54050 on 4-10. Took me a lot of restarts to even complete this level

    Rank: DaBomb with 250 points
    By MomOfTwoInCO (@momoftwoinco)

    Level 4-11; 95,940; 1 bird

    To get a score in the 90s with this level, you pretty much have to use just one bird. Here’s how. Shoot the first (white) bird nearly straight up. You want the bird to come down just to the right of the pig in the helmet. Drop your bomb/egg on the little bit of protruding flat stone to the immediate right of that helmeted pig and most of the tower will collapse. In rare cases, the falling debris will break through the main wooden ‘floor’ of the tower and begin destroying the various goodies stashed below. In extremely rare cases, almost everything breakable will be destroyed.

    By Daniel Calderon

    some how, for no reason,,,,,i did level 14 the whole top part (killing all 4 pigs) with just one just of blue bird, and i finished the bottom part of 2 yellow birds i was shocked, who wouldn’t be shocked?

    Rank: Slinger with 1050 points
    By zone020 (@zone020)

    4-14 isn’t as hard as the vid says, i did it in the first time! But thanks for the vid, 2-12 was hard.

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