Angry Birds Space Eagle Walkthrough Fry Me to the Moon Level 3-4

Here is our Space Eagle Total Destruction video walkthrough for Angry Birds Space Fry Me to the Moon level 3-4. Fire the Black bird through the vertical wooden block on the left side, leveling the entire western structure and popping the bubbled pig above. Then launch a sardine can into the left side of the eastern structure, blowing it to smithereens. If you have an alternate strategy please feel free to leave a detailed comment below.

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    By wrw01 (@wrw01)

    Launch the Space Eagle can to land on the blue horizontal block to the left of the floating pig with the red light. It can also land by bouncing back to the left after hitting the floating pig with the red light.

    There is also a possibility to land on the floating pig with the red light. I had one pig remaining which came real close to be taken out by debris.

    There is a sucking sensation after takeoff with this Space Eagle

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    By Fillmore1234 (@fillmore1234)

    It took me two tries but I did manage to get it. I recommend testing the shot with the Black Bird so you know how to get it right. Then restart the level, do that a few more times, then try the level out for real and you should get a Feather. Took me two tries.

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    By Kartflyer (@kartflyer)

    Used the video’s method. Thanks Slim!

    Just to let you guys know, if you don’t hit the floating pig with your first shot, it’s still possible to earn the feather by using another bird to hit the floating pig. Then use the sardine can like the video.

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