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Squawk! Please, DO NOT enter scores using Power-Ups (PUs) or from the Pig Challenge. PUs includes Shockwave, Telebird, Last Chance and Bonus Birds.

LevelYour ScoreRankDiff HighAvg+/- Avg
  • Total Score of 3,550,180: Ranked 1 out of 219 w/ 24 scores entered
Level 1-1105,4204-3,30099,597+5,823n/a
Level 1-2135,7901 Top Score!124,062+11,728n/a
Level 1-3167,5902-750152,964+14,626n/a
Level 1-4160,31014-1,760150,739+9,571n/a
Level 1-5133,9004-2,910121,022+12,878n/a
Level 1-6148,4002-4,460130,720+17,680n/a
Level 1-7173,9601 Top Score!156,168+17,792n/a
Level 1-8137,5401 Top Score!123,704+13,836n/a
Level 1-9166,2907-8,190149,639+16,651n/a
Level 1-10129,6601 Top Score!109,424+20,236n/a
Level 1-11115,0501 Top Score!93,861+21,189n/a
Level 1-12164,1201 Top Score!145,142+18,978n/a
Level 1-13116,3004-1,160105,010+11,290n/a
Level 1-14165,3306-3,330156,960+8,370n/a
Level 1-15182,5105-8,620171,112+11,398n/a
Level 1-16133,3104-2,060120,802+12,508n/a
Level 1-17125,8301 Top Score!109,806+16,024n/a
Level 1-18131,2801 Top Score!115,707+15,573n/a
Level 1-19155,2004-1,490144,734+10,466n/a
Level 1-20138,7905-2,720129,465+9,325n/a
Level 1-21120,4807-2,530109,923+10,557n/a
Level 1-22179,0601 Top Score!164,556+14,504n/a
Level 1-23208,7503-4,780188,468+20,282n/a
Level 1-24155,3104-5,690127,916+27,394n/a