Sneak Peek at Angry Birds Stella Episode 6 – “All that glitters”

Join Stella and her BFFs in their very own animated series on ToonsTV! “All that glitters” will be airing across all Angry Birds apps and at this Saturday, December 6!

Gale and co. stumble upon a mysterious hole in the ground. When the pigs are too cowardly to investigate, Gale takes matters into her own hands. You can’t rely on those pigs for anything!

If you have missed the previous sneak peek videos, you can check them out here: Sneak Peek Videos

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Comments (5)

By Ferb

Looks like fun.

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By AngryBirdsMaster2 (@abmaster2)

Hmm… Gale doesn’t really have hands, per se…
*this has been your daily broadcasted annoying literalist comment.

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By Rowdypup (@rowdypup)

does this mean that World 3 on Angry Birds Stella is not too far off down the line?

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By SweetP (@sweetp)
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By wrw01 (@wrw01)

Gale, living up to the nature of her character. Great title to represent the theme of the tune but Stella and her friends come to the rescue.

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