Piggy Tales : Pigs At Work Episode 2 – Lunch Break

Introducing a brand new Piggy Tales series, “Pigs at work”. Piggy Tales gives you a glimpse into the work lives of our favorite green minions.

In this week’s episode:
Haven’t you heard? It’s lunchtime!

If you have missed the previous episodes, you can check them out here:
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Piggy Tales Season 2: Pigs At Work

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By Hudson8823 (@rockman-exe)

Huh?? Looks similar with those “Despicable Me”‘s Minions…Anyway, the pig are silly to ‘suicide’ himself…

By christina purba

angrybirds games is funny.i like..

By Ana Sofia Seely

This ain’t minions

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By wrw01 (@wrw01)

I think the toon says all that can be said…this is going to be a very funny series. What a hoot!!!!

By Ana Sofia Seely

Piggy 1 using a chainsaw is faster way to cut the wood. Piggy 2 YAY! cuts wood Piggy 1 wait what have I done again

By Ana Sofia Seely


By Ana Sofia Seely

Love it

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