Oinks Not Dead! Rovio Teases New Bad Piggies Update or Game

Bad Piggies Oinks Not Dead Featured Image

This morning Rovio and the Bad Piggies team shocked the world by Tweeting an image that says, “Oinks Not Dead”. Below is the full Tweet:

It’s entirely possible this is a completely new game (with a new name) and not an update to Bad Piggies. When we know more we’ll be sure to share it here.

So what do you all think it is? Leave a comment below.

The Next PIG Game

Thanks to @bad-piggies-2 for sharing this video below that talks about “The next PIG game”.

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    Comments (54)

    Joey says:

    Bad piggies back from the dead world:)

    Here they talk about a new Bad Piggies game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ACFoAal8wM

    Ah, I remember that video. Thanks for reminding me @bad-piggies-2! I’ve added it above.

    Rowdypup says:

    It can’t be a Bad Piggies update, there is already a Halloween themed world (Tusk Til Dawn)!

    Unless its not a Halloween theme.

    Milton Alm says:

    I think that a New game is Bad Piggies 2 which it has 3D characters and some new friends like LBP 3 did as i always remembered. Teleport your Contraption with Hambo – throw Bombs with Foreman Pig – and eat cakes with King Pig. Also this is My first comment heare at AngryBirdsNest :)

    Kelani says:

    Interesting ideas, @renaultmilton and congrats on your first ABN comment. Glad to have you! :)

    Josm says:

    an update is coming to bad piggies and there is a new game coming soon. as the bad piggies said that a few days/weeks ago

    Bad Piggies is my favorite game, so it’s great to see they haven’t forgotten about it!

    Elespejo says:

    Finally, after 1 year and 4 months without updates. The piggies are back.

    nacho18 says:

    Hello :@espejo123. Some time I don’t know nothing of you : Rigth ; last Update was ” Tusk ’till Down . And it was only 90 levels !!! Maybe this time only 15 to complete 135 or . A new one , with hopefully 135!!!
    I really like it this game . And finally we’ll enjoy again.

    Elespejo says:

    Hola @nacho18,que tal. I like to play this game, I hope that you have all stars in the game. Saludos

    nacho18 says:

    Hi: @espejo123. Yes I have all the stars on the regular ; Each Episode ; except on the Sand Box !!! Because is too Tedious .
    Un saludo and I hope will see you soon each other.

    Achim says:

    When will bad piggies 2 come out?

    mikroll79 says:

    At last !! my favorite game
    Can’t wait

    If they’re making a big update, can they make it so I can transfer data from my old phone to my current one? I don’t want to have to start all over…

    This is SG says:

    Have anyone noticed the images in the ‘AB New Year Tricks 2014’ post?
    I’ve noticed that they have teased the games that we are playing now.

    This photo clearly shows Stella and Luca sitting and the other three sitting on the topmost branch looking at Gale’s palace. This teases AB Stella.

    This, u already know it is AB Epic, as the weapons are found after unlocking the birds.

    This piggy bulldozer like vehicle can be teased as AB Transformers. Maybe it is one of their concept arts?

    And now I think just as Red got his mighty feathers, and Bomb got his shockwave ability, maybe Chuck got a… supersonic speed with his exclusive episode? (Ya, u know that Chuck doesn’t like Bomb getting fame so he always tries to do his best to get the fame)

    Now, tell me if I’m right or not. (Definately I will b right) And I’ve seen that Rovio was defeated by Puzzles & Dragons and Clash of Clans because of less popularity (Source: gadgets.ndtv.com ) so they started copying other games and realeased them as new games (like Sky Punks was Subway Surfers’ clone and Plunder Pirates was Clash of Clans’ clone)

    I think I’ve said a lot. What’s your reply?

    Power Pork says:

    They’re NOT Exactly Copying.
    They Are Just Using The Type Of Those Games.
    Which Is Cooler

    This is SG says:

    I haven’t said they r EXACTLY copying, ya but cloning it, right? Just like Blosics, may b u never heard of it, the description has written that ‘not Angry Birds clone’.

    rodrigol says:

    Hum, an exclusive episode for Chuck looks pretty good! So many ideas…

    cosmo2503 says:

    Whatever it be I hope it will be really soon. Bad Piggies was once my favorite game and characters are so adorable, so cute in their stupidness.

    Rohit Naik says:

    That’s pigtastic

    Tnt in bas piggies is OP says:

    Ah hah. Ah hahahah!
    Nice one!
    Thisll be the PIGGEST thing ever!

    Terence says:

    Yes! Hooray! But Bad Piggies seems to say that there are multiple things they’ll be doing, so perhaps a new game and an update/updates? I wonder what kind of game it would be… Plaformer?

    Kelani says:

    This is the best news I’ve seen in awhile. :)

    rodrigol says:

    We really need a water episode! I believe this would be so much fun! :) oinks

    New update out now for iOS with new sandbox!

    The new sandbox is called Little Pig Adventure and has 40 stars. For each star you earn you get items to use. You can save 3 contraptions in this sandbox.
    There are also new features like fans, snow and a bridge.

    There is also a new item called gearbox. It can change the direction you move

    Power Pork says:

    It Seems Its Starting!
    Can’t Wait For More!

    Sonnykero says:

    Its released already?! What about Android?

    @sonnykero It’s out on android as well

    Sonnykero says:


    Thanks for the info, I try to download it later

    Tnt in bad piggies is OP says:

    For Wheels Specificly

    Bad Piggies 1.6.0 out now for iOS, it says just buf fixes, but it’s App Store page shows a screenshot with a winter-like world. Updating now for news!

    wrw01 says:

    Wow, sounds exciting for Bad Piggies. “something he should not be telling us” may mean that they have made the game more exciting to play.

    wrw01 says:

    Went into the game today (have not played for a while) and had to input my birth date and gender. Interesting? Anyone know why?

    I think they are just tayloring thier ads and possibly monitoring Ruffle to the age you enter.

    Corey says:

    The Image on top looks creepy

    We didn’t get to see a lot of Piggy stuff, but know we know: OINKS NOT DEAD!!!

    Nothing says:

    Wow glad to see that bad piggies wasn’t forgotten!! This is my first comment here at the nest just registered for an account!

    MVNLA2 says:

    @autobird — Welcome to the nest! Be sure to check out the Quick Start Guide for new Members (under All Things Nest Forum), and the Bloated Pig under Community. Hope to see more of you around the Nest.

    Nothing says:

    @mvnla2 wow thx for the welcome! glad to see a friendly face for the first time in the nest! will use your advice since the nest seems a little complex at first…

    MVNLA2 says:

    @autobird — Just ask, and someone will help you. Do you play the rest of Angry Birds, or just Bad Piggies?

    Nothing says:

    @mvnla2 i imagine i might need to rely on you for quite a while, since i’m new and the newbies forum only gave me a scratch of the surface :) just a few questions if u don’t mind: how do i start a forum? and how do i add friends to my account? and to answer ur question, i only play angry birds. bad piggies is a cool game, but i found the updates were just too long in between.

    MVNLA2 says:

    @autobird — I am sending you a friends request so I can answer your questions off-line.

    Nothing says:

    @mvnla2 will be more than happy with that!

    abc says:

    Yay! The new update of Bad Piggies!!!

    My idea for this game is an endless runner-type game, in which you build a contraption, and you keep going, dodging falling TNT, and other obstacles while collecting coins which you can use to either buy accessories or parts to build better contraptions. Each ‘run’ ends when the pig pops, which can happen by either fall damage or getting hit by an obstacle.

    IS IT COMING?????!!!! BAD PIGGIES 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The update has a NEW marble loot crate + watch a video to get a FREE loot crate! + King Piggy has a new favourite part every day + when you receive a cake, the cake button will say NEW! Got that?

    piggy says:

    There’s been another update!

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