Angry Birds Millennium Falcon Walkthrough Death Star Level 2-38

Here is our Millennium Falcon Gold Medal video walkthrough for Angry Birds Star Wars Death Star level 2-38. This level requires the use of a bird. First, send the homing egg the southern hemisphere of the first planet. The egg should fly around through the shared gravity field. Tap the screen when the egg is close to the middle TNT box to call in the Millennium Falcon. Now send Obi-Wan on the same trajectory. He should fly around the first planet, through the shared gravity field and end up on the east side of the right planet. Initiate the Force to destroy the last pig-tie fighter.

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By wrw01 (@wrw01)

1. Used the Wookie like the 3 star video to take out most of the pigs, tnt and structure. The bottom flying pig between the left two atmospheres and the far right tnt were the only items remaining.
2. Launched the Homing Egg to that pig and stopped it just to its left.

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