Angry Birds Mighty Eagle Walkthrough On Finn Ice Level 1-11

Here is our Mighty Eagle Total Destruction video walkthrough for Angry Birds Seasons On Finn Ice Level 1-11. You can find the 3 star walkthrough here.

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By Wlc7173

I have cleared out more than what is left in the video and can’t break 85% on the eagle

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By f91jsw (@f91jsw)

Same here. I’ve cleared a lot more than in the video but cannot get more than 85%. Is there something hidden that needs to be cleared? Or is there a bug?

By Sammishredd

There is definitely a bug. I got a 99% somehow and there was still a good deal of debris left behind. My final attempt I cleared every last sprite off the screen except for that coal miner’s lamp on the far right and it gave me 85%.
Swat my hind with a melon rind but
That just don’t add up
:( phooey.

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By sal9 (@sal9)

@f91jsw I repeated “total destruction” a couple of times this morning. I don’t think there is a bug or platform discrepancy.

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By Bird of Prey (@bird-of-prey)

I’ve managed to clear everything but one little diamond and I got 84%. something’s wrong.

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By hochstrd (@hochstrd)

Same here I keep maxing out at 85% but with way more cleared than what the video showed. Is the big platform specific? You can do it on an iPad as shown but IPhones only go to 85%?

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By hochstrd (@hochstrd)

There must be a magic point that’s too much debris cleared. Cause now I got 100% (but no joy on a repeat, so could just be a fluke). Simpler strategy is to use Terrence to take out the corncob, then bounce the sardine can off the back tire of the motorcycle on the ramp so that it stops near the cliff. ME then causes all the stones to fall at once. Crunch!

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By fangston (@fangston)

I had the same problem – reached only 85%. Finally, I managed to clear everything, except for 2 metal bars on the left of the screen, and got 100%. So I guess the trick is to clean everything, including all diamonds, the ramp and all the metal rectangles.

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By smonard88 (@smonard88)

I agree with @fangston Essentially you get 83-85% if you leave more than one of things mentioned. If you leave just one, I’ve gotten the occasional 98%, but after I cleared all the diamonds, ramp and wheels, I finally got 100%.

By Justen Britt

I think the bug is in the skip button. Do what you would normally do, don’t press skip and it should work fine

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By f91jsw (@f91jsw)

I don’t think it’s the skip button. I’ve had several cases where it looked like I cleared everything except one or two pieces of debris and still only 85% when waiting it out. On the other hand I’ve had 100% with much more debris left when pressing the skip button.

I think there is one small piece somewhere that has to be destroyed to make the jump from 85% to 100%, but I haven’t found out what. I thought it was the wheels, but then I had 100% with one wheel remaining so apparently not.

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By wrw01 (@wrw01)

1. First two birds takes out the floating stack of wood blocks on the right with the big pig. The falling debris destroys the pigs below, corn, pigs to the right and most of pigs in the pit in the middle.
2. Drop the Sardine Can directly below the sling and it did not drift on the ice

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