Angry Birds Mighty Eagle Walkthrough Bad Piggies Level 21-6

Here is our Mighty Eagle Total Destruction video walkthrough for Angry Birds Bad Piggies level 21-6. (If you’re looking for the 3-star walkthrough video, click here.)

Fling one Blue bird straight ahead, as in the 3-star video. Repeat the shot with the sardine can, having it drop onto the gold wrench. The key to the feather here is to destroy both of the stone saws — or whatever they are. If you have an alternate strategy please feel free to leave a detailed comment below.

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    By wrw01 (@wrw01)

    Thanks AMslimfordy for the video. Tried a number of different locations for the birds and sardine can and AM gets the feather for the game. Used all the Blue Bird and destroyed most the structure and did obtain 100% but ABN’s video is the best way to the solution.

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