Angry Birds Mighty Eagle Total Destruction Walkthrough Level 6-8

Who needs the other birds when the Mighty Eagle can do it all by himself?

Have a different method for achieving Total Destruction? Let us know below.

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    By wrw01 (@wrw01)

    Launch the sardine can in a high arc and have it come to rest on the top of the vertical stone block which is to the left of the second pig from the left. The block hold the left side of the second wooden roof from the left. The can then falls into the wood wheel barrel structure on the lower left.

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    By Kathy (@kathy)

    Wow This is a tough one! @wrw01 That’s a tough spot to land can! it keeps sliding down the to the first roof of the crooked pig! And 😂 The power the post Worked as i was typing this 😂
    thanks @wrw01 🐣

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