• Death, of the Endless posted an update 5 years, 6 months ago

    @bill-l hello! I saw your post, and one of my clan members visited your clan today. We are expanding our ab2 family and we have openings for active, friendly players who want to complete events and win battles! If you and your clanmates would like to be part of a growing clan, message me!

    • Hi @zombierat , this is Steinbird. I just left a clan that I was with for about 6 months because I found out that one of the newer players was cheating – and the Leader covered it up – all while all she did was complain about other cheaters in CVC battles. It made me mad because I’ve spent literally thousands of dollars to earn my way up, and this rotten *^*&%! got to my level in 4 months. I’m looking for a good solid clan that plays every CVC battle and completes every internal challenge (not sure what they;re actually called). As you can see I’m a gold flinger with a few awards here, and in AB2 I’ve been playing since the beginning, and am now Star Power 117, FP 667 (No Stella) and 742 (with Stella). I have an Ancient Silver Slingshot, and all of my cards are in the mid 90’s or better. Anyhow if you’re looking for a solid player, please let’s give each other a try and see if we fit. Thank you for your kind consideration. I have sent you a request.