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I am a young 70 years old, and have been retired about a dozen years. (Early retirement is one of the perks of being a prison guard….maybe the only perk ) Oddly enough, my first job was also as a guard….. a lifeguard. Actually the two jobs are pretty similar. (of course prisoners seldom wear swim suits). In between the two guard jobs, I have been a 4th grade teacher, a Pontiac salesman, a plumber’s helper, and had a very forgettable stint as an assistant manager at a Radio Shack. When I am not playing AB, you might find me gardening, trying to rehabilitate our old farmhouse and outbuildings, or doing something with our miniature dachshunds. As to where the odd user name “stocktoad” came from…..way back a few years into the last century, I was looking for a website that had some information on investing in the stock market. I didn’t know much about it, but had a few dollars to invest and was looking online for some information. I found a website called Gecko something. It was WAY more complicated than I was looking for. Next, I found Yahoo! finance. It was what I was looking for. I did, however, need to sign up to yahoo. I needed a user I.D. My thought was…..(thinking back to the Gecko website) I’m not a fancy stock gecko, I’m more of a simple stock toad. Stocktoad was invented. After that I used to play some games (spades, hearts, sheepshead) and I got used to being called stock, or toad, or stocktoad so I continued using it ever since. By the way, as some of you know, my real name is Steve.


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