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and a feeling of temperament and beauty. Wearing a relatively compact horizontal striped sweater inside is more conducive to the expression of temperament. Pairing trousers with a pair of simple but high-quality denim straight-leg trousers can wear a very warm and sunny feeling, and there will also be a state that is slowly attracting people to approach you. Lightweight padded jackets do not have a hat. They wear a horizontal-striped bottoming sweater, which looks like the colors of the rainbow, and gives people a clearer feeling. The pants are paired with a pair of casual straight-leg pants. The straight-leg pants are not close-fitting. Wearing them makes you comfortable plus size lingerie wearing maternity pajamas looks Plus size bustier positive Waist trainer corset and brings a lot of positive energy to others. The shoes are paired with a pair of black casual shoes, which are the most suitable for wearing in this warm spring. As the weather turns cooler,