• Kelani posted an update in the group Badges & Ranking – Nominate & Congratulate 9 years, 4 months ago

    Only three congrats today. You guys may choose between a King Pig®™ chew toy/stress ball or…Hello! we have dusters! Take your pick. Actually, you guys can have a duster, and a whole box of stress balls. My car is so full of these things, every time I hit the brakes, they go airborne and smack into other cars…and a few pedestrians. I see many lawsuits in my future.

    @ozzman with Fling King Congrats! :)
    @garbreen with Champion! Congrats! :)
    and last, but not least
    @Mumsie42 with Safe Return from Vacation! Congrats! :) B&R is once again safe. Thank you for not rioting in her absence, and it’s been a pleasure serving you. *waves*