• Kelani posted an update in the group Badges & Ranking – Nominate & Congratulate 9 years, 6 months ago

    Whew. B&R has survived 24 hours without the watchful eye of @Mumsie42. Thanks to all of you for not rioting! :) We have five flingers to honor today. You guys and girl may take a raincheck for your duster, or grab one of the very-dusty Kel debut CDs from the box. (Remember, they’re worth $4 at the used CD store!) Congrats go out to:
    @bassam77 with Gold Flinger! Congrats! :)
    @ph with Gold Flinger! Congrats! :)
    @apaulling with Master Slinger! Congrats! :)
    @doug with Master Slinger! Congrats! :)
    @uncle-b with Champion! Congrats! :)
    *Your Name Here?

    *If I’ve missed anyone, please let me know, and i’ll correct it immediately.

    • Thank you

    • Thank You @Kelani ~ Kudos for filling-in for Mumsie so she can enjoy her vacation!

      I sure would like to learn more about your debut CD ~ sounds interesting ~ I tried to Google it but to no avail. Uncle B used to sing back in his younger days before too many years of hard living left him sounding more like Kris Kristofferson than Michael Bublé ~ LOL !!!


      • @uncle-b Yeah, my distro deals expired long ago, so it’s not listed on any major services. That CD is only interesting if you like multi-genre instrumental keyboard music from a guy who was booted from his first and only piano lesson. :) I get what you mean about singing, I have perfect pitch, and have given voice lessons, but in one of life’s little ironies, something in my sinus architecture makes any note I sing a quarter-tone higher than what it sounds like to me I’m sure nobody wants to know about that, so I’ll shoot you a PM when I get a minute. :)