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Hey great gamer of Angry Birds, my name is MytCoDet, long name Mythology CounterDetonator A.K.A. Salak Codet. You know, I’m so humble. No arts, no way to be the superstar, and has no accessories of Angry Birds, but I’m a half-advanced shooter, help anyone who stuck in the level, and investigating missing words. Well, I will find something for you. Stay like any character of Angry Birds. I’m now phobia eat eggs (egg duck, egg chicken, etc.) because Angry Birds rules my soul. Plus, I just like comedian.

“Check in your wallet, open it, take your money, face it, and that’s me in your dollar bill/euro bill.”, that’s the key to be comedian. NOW I AM SAY FAREWELL TO ALL MEMBER OVER HERE.

Stay your life like Angry Birds, gamers.



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