• I have an unnamed idiot on my leader board this week, 559155 points over night. I hope there IP address, email and name are band forever

  • Looks like complaining about it works, went back and played a few rounds, same set up as before, nothing different, don’t think I killed any more than 2 birds in one battle. Then 3 out of 3 come up and challenge completed. I did nothing different and all my kills were all similar. Don’t understand!!

  • I am having real problems with one challenge, knock out 3 birds while they are attacking your banner, it doesn’t ask to knock out 3 birds at once. I have had this same challange 3 days in a row on this weeks events. I have knocked out 1 bird in 1 round and did not show up as completing one of three, next round I had a week opponent so I prolonged…[Read more]

  • Been getting a lot of battles that are freezing up, always the ones you will win and always when you will get a three star job, frequency is getting beyond a joke, 3 times tonight so far, 5 times the night before and 4 times the night before that. Why should I have to pay good, real money to get back into a game where I had no reason to pay out.…[Read more]

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    How do you get two rage chilli uses in a row????, I have just been hammered by red using the chilli on there 1st attack, I then got hammered by chuck using the rage chilli on the second bird the opposition used. Looks like I’m going to loose this battle.

  • Just played at player at 756 I am at 710. I have taken on many other players at around this power and won on must occasions, however after I won the toss and went to town on one of there team I only managed to take less than half of there life, on there turn they smashed my red in two hits and then destroyed my chuck in one hit. I have taked…[Read more]

  • WTF
    FLAG 11622
    Red. 4320
    Matilda 3220
    Blues. 2350
    All of this and only 748 power
    They won the toss. All my birds knocked out 1st round , total annihilation

  • Something very wrong, I have come across the same players tonight on a regular occurrence. After trying to avoid 2 x teams in particular (5 x seperate times each) that are over 100 points higher in power than myself. I just played the same player twice, one team has come up 8 x times. The coin toss is still stuffed, only won the toss on less than…[Read more]

  • @neomerlinma Normally I would try and knock out the bird which I thing would give me or has given me in the past the most problems, however because of being so over powered, I figured it would be best to get at least one opponent down and try and get a jump on two birds. Didn’t work

  • @jamairoqui, thanks for your reply. I have a lot more playing to do before I get to level 45. At this point I will persist in taking on all the challengers as they are presented to me, I have enough coin in the kitty to buy my way back in after a continued loosing streak. I figure that it’s a good way to try and learn new strategies for defeating…[Read more]

  • I started silver league today, I must say I am very disappointed with what has been happening. I am at 32 level with all my team at level 10 (spent a lot of coin to get there) and the max power my team can get is at 627 and my banner 9990. All the players in my leader board are at levels of 30 to 37. However in the challenges I am constantly…[Read more]

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