• Wings replied to the topic 4th of July bans in the forum Angry Birds 2 Forum 4 years ago

    I got reinstated. Did not get any emails from them.  I actually gave up trying to check if I am reinstated or not.

    Today, thought, will try one last time and if it still shows banned, was planning to delete the app and move on.

    Surprised to see I was reinstated. AMy FP, Gems, Apples etc are intact.  Only thing is hatchling flew away.  Small pr…[Read more]

  • Wings replied to the topic 4th of July bans in the forum Angry Birds 2 Forum 4 years ago

    I have raised ticket, I sent emails, and I was as polite as I could be but did mention how disappointing and frustrating it has been.  But I did not get any response so far and it has been more than 3 days and reminders sent the last 2 days.

    Quick question – even if they reinstate your player ID, would you get your gems and apples, FP intact or…[Read more]

  • Wings replied to the topic 4th of July bans in the forum Angry Birds 2 Forum 4 years ago

    @joe-cool.  Glad that you and @crashfierce are able to play again. I am still banned.  I even updated the app.  I sent email to supoprt@rovio but no word from them.

    Did you also reach out to support?  Is that how your account was activated again? If so what information did you submit (username, playerid etc)?


  • Wings replied to the topic 4th of July bans in the forum Angry Birds 2 Forum 4 years ago

    Can you please update, if  you sent any email to Rovio or any other way you communicated with them?

    If so what information do we need to provide.

    I do not have any username as I never ever had Facebook either.

  • I used to be semi-active in this thread a year ago. Am a casual player. Wondering if any of the regular posters here have been banned recently.  Looks like several people got banned on early July 3rd or 4th me bing one of them. Appanrently I cheated. That is why even after 3 years of casual play I am only at 690 FP and never achieved Diamond…[Read more]

  • Wings replied to the topic 4th of July bans in the forum Angry Birds 2 Forum 4 years ago

    I never spend any money either.

    Over the weekend came to know my 12 year old nephew also got banned.  He is asking “what do they mean I cheated?”.

    This seems to be widespread and Rovio as usual is being silent.  I read in facebook that someone reached support and were informed, ” if you are banned, then you are banned – nothing we can do”.  …[Read more]

  • Wings replied to the topic 4th of July bans in the forum Angry Birds 2 Forum 4 years ago

    I got banned today as well.  I have never ever cheated on anything.  Even after playing for 3 years, my FP is only 690. I never get more than 15-20 points in MBC.  I only came first (netting me 1000 gems) a total of 4 times.  I never even reached the diamond league.  I am a player, who only plays for few minutes a day to relax and never had any…[Read more]

  • Ok – Yeah – Done.  Another 4-5-6. Impossible to win as it was a Gem sucker for me.  But I thought, ok, let me see if I spend Gems what type of luck I will have. I spent 240 gems to complete DC.

    The KP landed between the flower on the left and the middle rock.  Needed 6 birds to help push it to the flower and also get rid of the structure on th…[Read more]

  • Yet another 4-5-6. Room 6 and KP in DC screen shot below.  All though I was able to get to KP room, I could barely manage a dent on KP. I got there with 2 birds and recieved an additional bird by filling the destruction meter and a video bird and yet the KP was stuck between the blue and orange portal and in sheer frustration forgot to take…[Read more]

  • Yes @aggieguy. This is no longer fun. Like you said 4-5-6 again today and I am frankly sick of this combination for DC. I could barely get to room 4 of KP, with video bird.

    Not sure what room combination @doulgas had, but reading above comment makes me think, even if today’s DC is 2-3-4 it would have been useless.

    I guess congrats @douglas for…[Read more]

  • Yep as @aggieguy said, yet another 4-5-6 and I am unable to even complete 4th room of KP level of DC.

    It is one thing to give some people 2-3-4 and some 4-5-6 but it is absolutely asinine to make the 4-5-6 that much harder by needing 2-3 birds to clear each room.

    It is getting ridiculous. Either reduce the number of rooms if each room is going…[Read more]

  • Yet another 4-5-6 for me. But could complete DC on second try. Had to use 60 gems to complete KPP (not sure if it was worth it as the stupid rare chest gave me 20 black pearls).  Below are the screen shots for DC KP and final rooms in each of the 3 levels of KPP.

    DC KP Final Room (this was the second time this showed up in less than a week for…[Read more]

  • I activated Stella yesterday 9 PM my time and I have it for 24 hours.

  • Yesterday and today I got 4-5-6 for DC.

    Yesterday I could complete DC and KPP in first try.

    The KP room of DC for me is same as what @grammyK posted above.  I just got lucky while using Blues (thought was an useless bird) which dismantled the hut type structure and knocked the KP (which is where my luck came in) into the right hand set of 4…[Read more]

  • @grammyK, KPP is in the daily quest for me – both yesterday and today.  So – this is one more difference apart from number of rooms.

    @aggieguy – thanks for the tip – will keep it in mind next time I see that room.

    I don’t think I will try the DC again today all though there is time left.  It is too frustrating to try and get to the final room w…[Read more]

  • @grammyK – looks like you had 4-5-5 today.  My KP room of DC is different.  Below are some screen shots.

    Below is the 5th room of 3rd level and is a representation of rooms 1-4 for 3rd level, where you need luck or 2-3 birds.

    DC 3rd level 5th room

    Below is the KP room for my DC today

    KP Room

    Below is an example of a micro pig that is still alive, even after a s…[Read more]

  • Yesterday DC, I had 4-5-6 same as @aggieguy.  My DC KP was different than the screen shot above by @douglas. I had to use 60 gems to get through.

    If I visited the foum beforehand I probably wouldn’t have wasted gems.  If I solve DC, then chances are pretty high that I can get through KPP.  Only reason I spent 60 gems.  But looks like blocked exi…[Read more]

  • Looks like @grammyK is the lucky one today.  Like @aggieguy I got 4-5-6.  First two levels of DC are very easy even with 4 and 5 rooms and could complete with 3-4 birds left.

    The KP level of DC had 6 levels, and getting to the final room with any birds (let alone stella) was impossible. Gave up after 3 tries. Booking this KP room to memory so w…[Read more]

  • DC was a bust yesterday but I could complete DC and KPP realtively easily today(Thursday).  DC took two tries and KPP took two tries, but I did not have to waste any gems.

    Only difference is I still got 4-5-5 in DC. Bad luck continues with TOF and Arena (today I was at level 5 and got an opponent only with 15 more FP than me. I used 4 spells to…[Read more]

  • 4-5-5 DC.  Tried 5 times.  First time could not even complete level two.  Second time got to 3rd level but could not even complete 4th room even with extra bird.

    Third time got to the KP room as per the screen shot above and had Matilda, Silver, Chuck and Blues. Tried above suggestions and used Matilda and Silver but the pig did not budge from it…[Read more]

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