• AMslimfordy posted an update in the group Badges & Ranking – Nominate & Congratulate 10 years, 4 months ago

    Some retroactive puppies:

    Airfield Chase 9-10 (1/2 February): @comex666, @catsnbirds, @liontooth
    Escape to Tatooine P2-18 (4/5 February): @Gambit040706, @Stocktoad, @justpast40, @sparty83, @SKinley, @aleksch, @annach
    Smuggler’s Plane 11-12 (7/8 February): @fenikus, @bonneypattycat

    • I have played a lot of Daily Challenges, no doubt hundreds of hours, with little expectation of ever earning an Underdog badge, so when I finally won a challenge I was pretty excited, especially having earned it on an older level, not a fairly new one from SW2. I did not expect a tickertape parade, but even a belated “Congratulations, great flinging!” from management would have been appreciated, I know you have been busy with updates to the site, which we are all happy for, but how long would it have taken to type in a simple message of acknowlegement? Perhaps this is the time to “press esc to cancel”…. ..

    • Congratulations to all my fellow Challenge winners, great flinging!!!

      • Whoa!! I think CANCEL would have been the way to go BPC! Good grief!!! :/
        Congrats to all of you for getting the under dog badge!!

        • After a good night’s sleep, I have no regrets.

          • You should.

            • Agreed @slightlyirritatedbird ..@bonneypattycat so called ‘management’ do all they can to keep this site going For Us.. Im sure they don’t have time to congratulate Every member who receives a badge. .hmm shoould I press esc…nah

              • I didn’t expect it just for myself @Kathy. There were a number of us who earned badges. Again, how long would it have taken Slim to add three little words? My own “slightly irritated” mood comes not with just “retroactive” badges, but a number of unanswered @ mentions and PMs, not only to me, but to @e-star as well who tried to get in touch with Slim. I am sorry, but I do expect better. I don’t know, maybe it is just my upbringing. Bad manners when I was a kid would have earned me a gentle slap on the head (or not so gentle). In this case, Slim can consider himself tapped on the head.

                • Im sorry @bonneypattycat Im still not sure i fully understand your gripe ? You are upset with @Amslimfordy because he didn’t personally congratulate you and other members? I consider the awarding of the badge an acknowledgement in itself so Im still not fully getting it

                  • @Kathy I’d leave it be at this point, it’s obvious BPC has zero clue how many HOURS of Slims “free time” he spends in the Nest trying to keep up with everything instead of being able to say, fling, spend time with his fiancé or family and friends! Let her have her moment of woe is me, while She spends time with family, friends and flinging in her “free time!” No matter what anyone says it isn’t going to change how she sees things. It’s not worth the hassle!!

                • You probably have NO clue how much work it is to keep a website like this up and running, over and above a fulltime job. So, just be glad that you even got the badge at all. I feel it’s acknowledgment in itself. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have that badge at all. Just sayin’.

                • I resent the fact you dragged me in this attack against @amslimfordy @bonneypattycat as I know how much time he spends on al things nest related and I never asked or expected an answer back, I just wanted him to award the badge, which he did and that was enough for me, so please next time, don’t drag me into any battle I never asked to be in.