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Manage Multiple Accounts Using Residential Proxies

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Manage Multiple Accounts Using Residential Proxies

Managing multiple accounts has various advantages, but it often comes with an equal number of challenges. Still, if you know how to handle it, then the rewards far outweigh the risks. When you buy residential proxies like those at Smartproxy, you can bypass all the challenges. Learn how to manage your accounts from a single device.

Reasons For Multi-Accounting

We often need to create several accounts for individual or business use. It might seem sketchy, but most of the time, businesses or individuals aren’t misusing a platform when multi-accounting. They just need a boost to help their activities. We examine some legitimate reasons you may have to use multiple accounts.


Businesses that profit by selling products online want to get as many sales as possible. However, some eCommerce platforms limit companies to one or a few seller accounts. This limitation makes it difficult to have the reach they need to sell hundreds to thousands of items. However, with multiple accounts, you can extend your reach and more easily sell your products worldwide.

Social Media

Social media platforms are another prime example of operators who limit you to only a handful of accounts. This limitation can make social media automation more challenging. However, with access to various accounts, you can up the engagement. You can facilitate likes, shares, and reposts on your account to attract more clients and followers.


Gamers are dominating a section of the online market, but it means that various geo-location restrictions come into play. Many gaming operators or providers restrict specific items or events to a certain country. 


While we can understand the concept, it means hardcore gamers miss out on exclusive game items, events, and skins. However, having several accounts located in various countries bypasses this restriction. Gamers can ensure they never miss out on time-limited events, items, or skins.

Better Organization for Separate Branches

Having multiple accounts helps large businesses better structure their workflow. Each division within the company has its email and access to a specific website, software, or tool. This segregation ensures that different divisions don’t overlap and mess with settings or information on another division’s account. It’s an effective way to streamline your workflow to create a smooth process that can operate independently.

How Proxies Enhances Your Management

Now that you know why multi-accounting is beneficial, you must learn how you can do it. One of the best ways to manage your accounts effectively is residential proxies. A residential proxy server has an IP address linked to a home device, which an ISP assigns. As such, it provides an authentic connection and can access almost any location.

Multi-Account Effectively

We stated that social media and eCommerce operators often limit the number of accounts you can have on a single device, IP address, or linked to an email/number. However, using proxies, you can create multiple seller or social media accounts on a single device. 


Since a residential proxy can change your IP address, you can create multiple accounts on one device and make it look like different devices. It means you also have a wider reach to sell your products. This benefit applies to social media accounts and eCommerce seller accounts. If you’re an avid collector, then the same benefits apply to multiple buyer accounts.

Enjoy an Authentic Connection

Sometimes, even after implementing multi-accounting, an account gets banned if the operator suspects it’s a bot or dummy account. These bans are even more likely if you’ve started to automate your accounts to ensure a more efficient workflow.


With residential servers, your IP address directly links to an ISP and a home device. This connection means that your accounts look like real users to any detection software. If you use bot accounts on social media to boost engagement with your main account, it’s unlikely to become banned since it looks like authentic users. The same applies to any other accounts you create.

Enhances Account Security

A massive concern with any online accounts is that cybercriminals try to hack them or expose confidential information like your payment details. Whether you’re an individual or a growing business, you can easily become the target of fraud, hackers, and data leaks.


However, using proxies, your IP address is hidden, and any digital footprint you leave behind is linked to the proxy’s server. Hackers will find it almost impossible to trace you, and no one can spy on your online activity while tracing it back to you or your device. It creates a more secure connection and enhances your account security.

How to Use These Proxy Servers

Using a residential proxy is easier than you might think. You can buy residential proxies from reliable providers and easily integrate them with your browser as many offer a plug-in extension to make things easier. This extension means all you have to do is click on it, choose your location, and manage your accounts using the proxies. If you require a mobile proxy server, you can easily do the same and automate all your accounts within minutes.

Effectively Manage Multiple Accounts Now

When you buy residential proxies, you gain access to genuine IP addresses located at homes worldwide. It enables you to reliably maintain, manage, and automate multiple accounts for legitimate purposes. You can diversify your online activities and ensure your business is operating smoothly, with the benefits of numerous accounts boosting your sales, marketing, and other activities.