Let’s Play Angry Birds Transformers | Part 4 | Bludgeon is Free

Angry Birds Transformers teleports us back Piggy Island, which is being destroyed by the evil EggSpark. In this Let’s Play style video our mission is clear: rescue Bludgeon and use him to help us take back Piggy Island from the crazed Pigbots!

We hope you enjoy this Angry Birds Transformers video and welcome comments below. You can find more videos here. Don't forget to join us in Transformers Forum.

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    By wrw01 (@wrw01)

    Great game play BL and mini-BL. Love the reinforcement of the instructions and shooting strategies. It will really help when I start to play. The videos are great because they provide familiarity with the game, pigs and birds. I like the action from left to right. It is like GO when one is always looking ahead.

    Picked up all the telepods this week at Toys R Us except for Bumblebee Bird Blast. That one may not be available yet. Cannot find it anywhere for purchase.

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    By Les Toreadors (@les-toreadors)

    Eyecandy and polish is definitely not lacking here but I am still not very used to complex 3D environments on mobile devices. 3D and high CPU/GPU load tends to eat battery life rapidly and it’s a factor if like me, prefer to have one large-ish phone/tablet for both work and play.

    Rank: Explosive with 2470 points
    By Les Toreadors (@les-toreadors)

    Plus, spend long periods of time playing this and ABGO on the PC would be good entertainment should a PC version be available.

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    By Les Toreadors (@les-toreadors)

    This is a very nice and interactive LP and the gameplay hints from the ‘observer’ are most welcome!

    The targeting appears to be semi automatic in nature (hence, hints to ‘just tap and hold the background’ and takes some getting used to. The reinforcements for bullet time and blasting large amounts of pigs away at once does add a lot to the atmosphere (Not just another twitch shooter!)

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    By Joey (@joeyba)

    thx to this video, i figured the facebook thing!!

    By SBO

    only movie like Transformer can earn huge $$ not other movies it was best picture in year 2014 & people watch it …!!

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