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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 10,447,882: Ranked 3 out of 6 w/ 12 scores entered
Level 1, November 4th1,031,1394-17,995936,874+94,265n/a
Level 2, November 4th880,0194-24,602817,043+62,976n/a
Level 3, November 4th729,0903-11,786664,764+64,326n/a
Level 4, November 4th900,3614-13,118777,311+123,050n/a
Level 5, November 4th727,2092-4,003656,987+70,222n/a
Level 6, November 4th890,4591 Top Score!853,454+37,005n/a
Level 7, November 4th912,2872-1,251858,461+53,826n/a
Level 8, November 4th868,9681 Top Score!766,905+102,063n/a
Level 9, November 4th896,6614-4,304814,567+82,094n/a
Level 10, November 4th738,7393-10,928709,141+29,598n/a
Level 11, November 4th917,2863-15,125829,152+88,134n/a
Level 12, November 4th955,6642-457861,934+93,730n/a