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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 6,834,890: Ranked 10 out of 10 w/ 12 scores entered
Level 1, October 22nd799,42510-240,379947,576-148,151n/a
Level 2, October 22nd438,49110-331,370636,258-197,767n/a
Level 3, October 22nd722,30510-329,669931,720-209,415n/a
Level 4, October 22nd454,89010-314,436654,879-199,989n/a
Level 5, October 22nd448,79210-287,503614,139-165,347n/a
Level 6, October 22nd536,09610-231,083653,808-117,712n/a
Level 7, October 22nd427,57710-345,667654,007-226,430n/a
Level 8, October 22nd310,20610-311,046519,482-209,276n/a
Level 9, October 22nd422,47410-356,014627,577-205,103n/a
Level 10, October 22nd521,02410-394,050788,716-267,692n/a
Level 11, October 22nd1,006,3997-311,6231,164,804-158,405n/a
Level 12, October 22nd747,21110-289,495947,711-200,500n/a