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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 6,978,965: Ranked 7 out of 7 w/ 10 scores entered
Level #1, December 6th549,3526-288,948745,440-196,088n/a
Level #2, December 6th528,9047-162,986633,995-105,091n/a
Level #3, December 6th501,3526-225,562641,581-140,229n/a
Level #4, December 6th754,1047-216,619900,463-146,359n/a
Level #5, December 6th511,2646-197,589632,670-121,406n/a
Level #6, December 6th872,4537-474,9981,261,157-388,704n/a
Level #7, December 6th972,6096-251,9601,132,623-160,014n/a
Level #8, December 6th564,5396-84,435590,760-26,221n/a
Level #9, December 6th907,8017-271,6931,098,381-190,580n/a
Level #10, December 6th816,5876-187,588938,537-121,950n/a