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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 961,230: Ranked 428 out of 1307 w/ 11 scores entered
Level 3-136,360989-2,54037,253-893n/a
Level 3-265,590704-6,47065,683-93n/a
Level 3-344,780966-6,41046,115-1,335n/a
Level 3-491,680683-13,71091,825-145n/a
Level 3-553,380899-4,41054,506-1,126n/a
Level 3-661,440837-7,25062,780-1,340n/a
Level 3-7142,980574-8,670140,415+2,565n/a
Level 3-869,410623-18,68068,967+443n/a
Level 3-9117,800727-9,780118,369-569n/a
Level 3-10137,030631-27,360138,161-1,131n/a
S-7 Bonus140,780153-10,150134,606+6,174n/a