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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 5,489,960: Ranked 7 out of 278 w/ 40 scores entered
Level 1109,25073-6,720106,575+2,675n/a
Level 286,38078-3,75085,118+1,262n/a
Level 3105,3601 Top Score!99,847+5,513n/a
Level 491,45087-10,38089,181+2,269n/a
Level 5114,1802-130107,295+6,885n/a
Level 6120,5606-2,530112,176+8,384n/a
Level 7142,72029-28,330133,150+9,570n/a
Level 8107,86050-6,280103,770+4,090n/a
Level 9141,0001 Top Score!128,859+12,141n/a
Level 10122,52060-8,680119,426+3,094n/a
Level 1177,77090-9,02075,663+2,107n/a
Level 12113,08015-4,480101,512+11,568n/a
Level 1387,34095-5,37086,663+677n/a
Level 14103,79025-3,83097,420+6,370n/a
Level 15122,80013-5,540116,894+5,906n/a
Level 16104,48077-7,090102,808+1,672n/a
Level 17134,47067-9,240129,950+4,520n/a
Level 18132,2002-3,140121,401+10,799n/a
Level 1975,7408-1,45068,905+6,835n/a
Level 20109,24046-3,510105,591+3,649n/a
Level 21145,19023-3,580141,766+3,424n/a
Level 22116,8704-1,700110,297+6,573n/a
Level 23144,99043-6,730139,751+5,239n/a
Level 24171,06035-8,770167,015+4,045n/a
Level 25131,63044-6,720128,040+3,590n/a
Level 26124,02017-5,080118,378+5,642n/a
Level 27136,6001 Top Score!123,724+12,876n/a
Level 28188,67030-4,060185,119+3,551n/a
Level 29173,8201 Top Score!165,297+8,523n/a
Level 30125,08078-8,720122,753+2,327n/a
Level 31213,23078-5,030210,534+2,696n/a
Level 32160,95075-12,130158,085+2,865n/a
Level 3390,17058-4,37087,956+2,214n/a
Level 34268,77038-9,000261,249+7,521n/a
Level 35194,62016-2,760189,432+5,188n/a
Level 36171,1209-2,100163,347+7,773n/a
Level 37134,60032-3,240130,587+4,013n/a
Level 38202,62037-4,360199,341+3,279n/a
Level 39163,86051-5,770160,613+3,247n/a
Level 40229,90014-4,180222,348+7,552n/a