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LevelYour ScoreRankDiff HighAvg+/- Avg
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Level 2810n/an/a5,057,832n/an/a
Level 2820n/an/a7,066,979n/an/a
Level 2830n/an/a7,088,107n/an/a
Level 2840n/an/a6,078,526n/an/a
Level 2850n/an/a7,124,690n/an/a
Level 286 Boss Fight0n/an/a6,140,876n/an/a
Level 2870n/an/a5,715,887n/an/a
Level 2880n/an/a7,633,018n/an/a
Level 2890n/an/a7,284,430n/an/a
Level 2900n/an/a5,903,671n/an/a
Level 2910n/an/a6,922,610n/an/a
Level 2920n/an/a7,341,167n/an/a
Level 2930n/an/a7,007,116n/an/a
Level 294 Boss Fight0n/an/a4,811,122n/an/a
Level 2950n/an/a5,882,294n/an/a
Level 2960n/an/a6,854,458n/an/a
Level 2970n/an/a7,204,456n/an/a
Level 2980n/an/a6,362,787n/an/a
Level 2990n/an/a6,240,845n/an/a
Level 300 Boss Fight0n/an/a4,958,758n/an/a
Level 3010n/an/a6,474,484n/an/a
Level 3020n/an/a7,436,920n/an/a
Level 3030n/an/a5,020,088n/an/a
Level 3040n/an/a6,565,981n/an/a
Level 3050n/an/a7,810,862n/an/a
Level 3060n/an/a6,246,890n/an/a
Level 307 Boss Fight0n/an/a5,282,400n/an/a
Level 3080n/an/a6,163,897n/an/a
Level 3090n/an/a7,446,974n/an/a
Level 3100n/an/a7,946,315n/an/a
Level 3110n/an/a5,058,644n/an/a
Level 3120n/an/a6,063,313n/an/a
Level 3130n/an/a6,472,806n/an/a
Level 314 Boss Fight0n/an/a4,754,848n/an/a
Level 3150n/an/a6,264,920n/an/a
Level 3160n/an/a7,162,773n/an/a
Level 3170n/an/a6,350,444n/an/a
Level 3180n/an/a6,429,510n/an/a
Level 3190n/an/a5,285,368n/an/a
Level 320 Boss Fight0n/an/a6,553,990n/an/a