Icebreaker Under Dwell Level 25 The Serpent

One strategy for Under Dwell Level 25, The Serpent, is to destroy the serpents with the cannons while avoiding them. Easier said than done, but timing is key.

If you have a different strategy for completing this level feel free to leave a comment below.

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I probably took me close to 50 or 60 attempts to figure out how to get par on the level. I don’t have a video of it so ill try to explain it well.

First off, it takes 7 hits from a cannon ball to kill it. Once you land the final hit the dragon will no longer kill your Vikings as it moves into its final cut scene ( that took me way too long to figure out). Now, start off by moving to the right side. Shoot a cannon at dragons body while its on the top track and aim it so that the cannonball will land on top of your carriage and it will roll into the left cannon. The right cannon should have reloaded automatically. Position both cannons so they are facing up and fire both cannons at the dragons body when it’s on the top track. It will shed skin and move to the next set of tracks. Your right cannon should have autoreloaded again and one of the balls from your double shot should have landed back in the left cannon. When the dragon goes through on the new S formation track, simultaneously fire your left cannon and your right rocket. You’ll have to wait until its more than half way through the track or you’ll roll into his tail when you hit the thruster.

Now that you’re on the left side the dragon should be making a second pass and won’t hit your carriage. Position both of your canons downward but be careful not to aim the left canon directly down or the blast will slightly push your carriage away from the ledge and prevent it from auto reloading. Shoot the dragon with another double blast from your canons as it travels under your carriage. This should put him into a frenzy and advance the dragon to the next set of tracks.

The new tracks go right right your carriage but don’t worry. You only have one more hit left(if you’ve been counting) and your left cannon should have auto loaded again. This time fire it point blank at the dragons face since his armor is now gone and don’t worry if he passes through you since he’s in cut scene mode now. Watch him do his runs on the track and be relieved so you can finally put this stupidly addicting game down.


Typo* I meant be careful not to point your left cannon anywhere but directly down. Youll figure that out while playing, though.

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By dr_ishmael (@dr_ishmael)

VERY nice strategy! I got par first time trying this, thanks!

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By laurafj (@laurafj)

Excellent advice @MrEMAN, thank you.

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By Ozzman (@ozzman)

Thanks – this was a real bear prior to reading your walk-through!!

By aluba

Actually you can shoot the serpent to death when you have both cannonball in your cannon, you don’t have to wait for the phase two.

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